When a Car Wreck Isn’t Just a Car Wreck

On August 1, 2014, I spoke at The Car Crash Seminar sponsored by The University of Texas School of Law. My presentation, “When a Car Wreck Isn’t Just a Car Wreck,” covered litigation of truck crash cases and auto/truck product liability cases. It’s a timely topic because truck wrecks on U.S. highways are increasingly prevalent and the number of auto-related recalls (e.g. General Motors) is up this year. Way up. Continue reading

Prince William to Become an Air Ambulance Pilot

Due to the urgent and often dangerous nature of the flight, helicopter air ambulance pilots are a unique brand of aircraft operators who take risks every day in order to help or rescue patients. In fact, the job has earned top ranking as one of the most dangerous professions. Because of this, air ambulance pilots are a small and close-knit community – one which will now include Prince William. Continue reading

Three Things Lawyers Can Learn From Teachers

(This article was written by Michael L. Slack and published in Texas Lawyer magazine on August 6, 2014.)

Think back to a favorite teacher, one who could turn complicated and confusing theories into simple pieces of knowledge. Applying that knowledge to the problem at hand, and voilà! Problem solved. Compare that teacher to one who was so wrapped up in academia that she refused to lower herself to the students’ level, believing that simple explanations were for simple minds. Continue reading

Mark Pierce Expands Professional Role and Stature in Aviation Law

Bolstering his already strong presence in the aviation law community, Slack & Davis partner Mark Pierce once again has earned recognition from his aviation peers. Last month, Mark was voted president-elect of the Lawyer-Pilots Bar Association (LPBA). In the same week, the Aviation Section of the American Association for Justice (AAJ) elected Mark as its chairman. Continue reading

Mandatory Aviation Insurance: General Aviation Pilots Should Carry Liability Insurance to Promote Safety

Aviation safety improvement advocates are encouraging the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to insist that all pilots, including general aviation pilots, carry some type of liability insurance. General aviation pilots, which include those who fly small, private planes and/or corporate jets, are not held to the same standards as commercial airlines for liability insurance requirements. As a leading world nation we should set the standard for what are acceptable practices for general aviation pilots that will keep everyone safe and ensure better quality pilot training, but unfortunately we do not lead the pack in this important area of travel. Continue reading