Tragic Medical Helicopter Crash in Colorado

A Eurocopter AS350 helicopter crashed last Friday (July 3) in Frisco, Colorado, shortly after taking off from St. Anthony Summit Medical Center, killing the pilot and injuring the other two crew members. This is a “classic post-crash fire crashworthiness case and demonstrates that the fuel system is defective because the tank ruptured and caused injury in an otherwise survivable crash,” said helicopter pilot and Slack & Davis aviation attorney Ladd Sanger. Continue reading

Reliance On Dated Technology Won’t Prevent Plane Crashes

The recent crashes of Germanwings Flight 9525 and Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 are tragic, but germane illustrations of the perils of the reliance on flight data boxes and the need to incorporate advanced technology for forensic and safety purposes in modern aircraft. (The data recorders from Malaysia 370 have never been found and the recorders from Germanwings 9525 were almost destroyed.) Continue reading