Bard Recovery IVC Filter: How Many Fatalities Must Occur Before a Mandatory Recall?

How many fatalities, or near fatalities, need to occur before a medical product manufacturer takes the faulty product off the market? Apparently no benchmark has been put to the test, as is the case with C.R. Bard’s Recovery inferior vena cava (IVC) filter. The device, implanted in patients who are at risk for blood clots, is now associated with at least 27 deaths over a 10-year period, leading to many lawsuits. Continue reading

Pending Lawsuit: Smith & Nephew Metal-on-Metal Hip Recall

In early June 2015, Smith & Nephew, a multinational medical equipment manufacturer, issued a medical device alert stating that certain groups of patients with the Birmingham Hip™ Resurfacing (BHR) implant system are at a higher risk of revision compared to the other groups. Continue reading

Stryker Corp. $1.43 Billion Settlement for Hip Implant Cases is the Largest Medical Device Payout with an Unlimited Compensation Fund

In one of the largest national landmark settlements, the global medical devices and equipment manufacturing company, Stryker Corp., will pay out $1.43 billion to patients who had hip implant revision surgery to remove defective Rejuvenate or ABG II Modular-Neck Hip Stems. It is imperative for any victim who suffers serious injury or illness from the surgical installment of these hip implants get help right away, and secure their legal rights for compensation. Continue reading

Small Military Hospitals and Less Qualified Medical Professionals Put Patients’ Health and Safety at Risk

Many of the military hospitals treating our 1.35 million active-duty service members and their families are small, and their lack of traffic as compared to larger military or civilian hospitals compromises the ability to diagnose and treat serious illnesses. Continue reading