Patients Beware: Medical Errors and Hospital Infections

Two recent articles demonstrate the incredible dangers of hospitalization for any condition. Unfortunately, hospital-acquired infection cases are rarely actionable in court, due to the difficulty in proving that the infection came about due to negligence rather than due to unpreventable forces. This mentality by health care providers is slowly changing, however, as the cost of treating infections becomes over-burdensome.  Continue reading

Risk to Consumers from Unregulated Compounding Pharmacies

Recent events, as reflected in these Austin American-Statesman articles, illustrate the risk to consumers from virtually unregulated compounding pharmacies. The magnitude of the harm that can be caused by these medications is enormous, and there is little consumers can do to assure themselves that materials injected into their bodies are safe. Continue reading

Unsafe Practices at Compounding Pharmacies

One of the things we see with the “don’t regulate us” fervor espoused by many politicians is a truly dangerous environment for consumers. An emerging area of serious danger is in barely regulated and monitored compounding pharmacies. What seems like a small percentage mistake in an improperly mixed medication can be fatal. Continue reading

Lethal Medicine Linked to Meningitis Outbreak

We’ve had several inquiries about the feasibility of litigation in the compounding pharmacy case arising from the fungus-contaminated intra-spinal injections nationwide. Although it appears that the pharmacy is in bankruptcy, and that not much is recoverable from that defendant, the wide-spread nature of this needless tragedy reminds us of a few key medical facts. Continue reading