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The team of aviation lawyers at the law firm of Slack Davis Sanger has firsthand professional experience regarding aviation law in the state of Florida. With its extremely active tourism industry, Florida is one of the most highly trafficked states in the nation. Located in the southeastern United States, Florida boasts the most coastline of any state, and its warm climate and many attractions have made it a destination for visitors both domestic and international. In fact, a record-breaking 94.7 million tourists visited Florida in 2013, making tourism the most important industry in the state, and elevating the significance of aviation as well. Many families on the East Coast have second homes in Florida or regularly take family vacations there, and it is a popular spring break spot for college students everywhere. Additionally, Florida is one of the most frequently chosen retirement spots in the country. All of this activity makes Florida a hub of American air travel, highlighting the importance of aviation law Florida by extension.

Of course, tourism is not the only reason why the aviation industry in Florida is so pronounced. The state also plays host to Air Force bases, several major international airports, and the Kennedy Space Center, which has been used for all of NASA’s manned space flights since the late 1960s.

At Slack Davis Sanger, our experienced aviation attorneys understand the intricacies of aviation law Florida. With more than two decades of experience in this highly specialized practice area, our legal team can help you whether you’re a pilot, an airport owner, or simply a passenger. The laws can be confusing, and even an accidental violation may result in a large fine or even criminal charges. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a plane or helicopter crash, you may be able to file a wrongful death or personal injury action. We can provide compassionate guidance through this difficult time. Contact us today at 800-455-8686 for more information.

Florida Aviation Lawyers

With its virtual monopoly on American tourism and reputation as a launching pad for the United States space program, aviation is a significant component of Florida’s state transportation, and a major industry within the state. According to statistics from the Florida Department of Transportation, there are 751 civilian airports in the state, all of which are subject to government inspection and regulation.

It is important for pilots, aircraft owners and airport employees to have a firm grasp on the law if they hope to avoid costly fees or citations. For those in Florida’s leading metropolises, that’s where Miami aviation lawyers can step in and provide invaluable help. Staying up-to-date on the latest laws and ordinances will not only allow you to avoid the expense and headache that accompanies accidental violations – it will also make you a better pilot. After all, knowing the law can actually help pilots, air traffic controllers and maintenance workers perform their jobs better, so they can increase the likelihood of a safe flight and avoid accidents.

Understanding the law also benefits those who travel by air, especially frequent travelers, whether by plane or helicopter. With the assistance of knowledgeable Florida aviation lawyers, you can understand the rules that must be followed and rest assured that you are taking control of your own safety.

Unfortunately, sometimes the unthinkable does happen, and if you have been injured in a plane crash or helicopter collision, or even lost a family member in a devastating accident, you absolutely need an airplane crash lawyer to walk you through the process of filing for damages and holding those responsible for the crash accountable for their actions.

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Plane Crashes Florida

Air travel is usually quite safe, but the fact is that every time you leave the ground – whether by plane or by helicopter – you are taking a chance. Plane crashes Florida are an unavoidable and tragic reality. If you or a relative has been involved in a plane crash, you need legal representation that understands how to handle these frequently complex cases.

The reasons for a plane crash can vary from human error to mechanical failure to something as simple (yet potentially deadly) as poor weather, and for this reason it can be challenging to file a suit against the responsible parties. Many plane crash lawsuits name several different defendants, including commercial airlines, pilots, air traffic controllers, aircraft manufacturers, and others.

Slack Davis Sanger has been providing thorough and compassionate legal support for survivors of plane and helicopter crashes, as well as the families of victims, since 1993. Some of the cases our legal team has successfully handled include:

  • May 1996 – Valujet Flight 592, a commercial flight of a McDonnell Douglas DC-9, crashed in the Florida Everglades, resulting in 110 casualties. Among the victims was Walter Hyatt, a noted musician. The crash occurred when oxygen canisters in the cargo area that were mistakenly labeled as “empty” exploded during the flight.
  • June 2003 – A Cessna 172N and a Cessna 182Q, both on private flights, crashed in Deerfield Beach, Florida, resulting in 5 casualties. The crash occurred when the two planes collided in mid-air over the ocean.
  • June 2004 – A Piper Aztec PA-23-250 on a private flight crashed in Baker, Florida, resulting in 2 casualties. The cause of the crash was weather-related, as the aircraft flew into a thunderstorm and subsequently broke apart mid-flight.
  • May 2005 – Aerobatic Flight’s North American SNJ-6 crashed in Kissimmee, Florida, resulting in 2 casualties. The cause of this crash was mechanical, as the right wing of the aircraft became separated during the flight.
  • July 2005 – A Beechcraft Bonanza V35 on a private flight crashed in De Funiak Springs, Florida, resulting in 1 casualty. The cause of the crash was determined to be in-flight engine failure.
  • December 2005 – A Cessna 195 on a private flight crashed in St. Augustine, Florida, resulting in 3 casualties. The cause of the crash was determined to be engine failure, which resulted in the plane crashing in the ocean.
  • June 2006 – A Mitsubishi MU-2B-60 on a private flight crashed shortly after takeoff in Ft. Pierce, Florida, resulting in 1 casualty.

Whatever the circumstances of the crash, the plane crash lawyers at Slack Davis Sanger can help. Whether you or a loved one was involved in a plane or helicopter crash, be it a private or chartered flight or one on a commercial airline, we can handle your case with both skill and respect. Please contact our compassionate plane crash attorneys today at 800-455-8686 to learn more about your options.

Private Planes Florida

The state of Florida is a hotspot of activity for private planes, including chartered flights. Private planes Jacksonville, private planes Miami, private planes Orlando, and private flights into and out of other major cities all serve to transport tourists and locals alike. Additionally, many civilians fly planes or helicopters for pleasure, adding to the number of private planes in the air at any given time.

The high number of private planes in Florida airspace at any given time certainly contributes to the high number of plane crashes that occur in the state, as does the fact that a large number of tourists fly into the state from all over the world on a daily basis. Before you pilot a plane – or even set foot on a private flight – it is wise to understand the rules governing aviation in the state of Florida.

Florida has many different laws and regulations pertaining to airspace and airport protection zoning that may require the input of an aviation accident attorney. An aviation accident lawyer like those at the law firm of Slack Davis Sanger can be the amateur pilot’s greatest ally, and can help those travelers who regularly charter flights stay as safe as possible when they’re in the air.

Don’t wait until you’ve violated a law or fallen victim to a dangerous crash. Call the attorneys at Slack Davis Sanger today at 800-455-8686 to learn more about how an airplane crash attorney can help you understand more about private flights in the state of Florida.

Aviation Disaster Attorneys

In 1996, following a devastating plane crash that resulted in 230 casualties, U.S. Congress passed a law designed to offer assistance to the families of plane crash victims. Not only does this law mandate that airlines must provide help to the relatives of the deceased in the form of food, lodging, transportation, crisis counseling services, and assistance in obtaining medical records necessary for identification of victims, it also shields families from premature media attention – and from unscrupulous attorneys who do not allow them adequate time to grieve.

The Aviation Disaster Family Assistance Act of 1996 states that attorneys may not contact plane crash survivors or the families of victims until at least 45 days have elapsed since the accident. Our aviation disaster attorneys at Slack Davis Sanger will always treat you with the respect, kindness and tact that you deserve. We will always honor the terms of the Aviation Disaster Family Assistance Act, and will never encroach upon the terms of this important legislation.

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