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Idaho is most well-known for two things: potatoes and gemstones. While the two may not have much in common, general aviation has helped both industries become major exports for the state. Located in the mountainous, northwestern area of the United States, Idaho attracts visitors from all over the country to see its vast wilderness, such as the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness, located in the Payette National Forest. The state also has impressive rivers, such as the Snake River, which is the longest tributary of the Columbia River, spanning across 1,078 miles.

The Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness is one of the largest protected wilderness areas in the United States. It is named after Frank Church, a Senator from Idaho and floor sponsor of The Wilderness Act of 1964. The second part of the wilderness’ name comes from a nickname given to the Salmon River due to its swift current. In early days boats could not return upstream, unlike the salmon, and instead could only travel downstream.

Tourists from all over the country travel to Idaho to explore and enjoy the rugged Rocky Mountains and visit the breathtaking Shoshone Falls. The Falls drop down from rugged cliffs at a height greater than that of Niagara Falls. Hunting and fishing are popular ways to enjoy the landscapes of Idaho, and many people fly in to do just that. General aviation pilots are in high demand as more and more people learn about all that Idaho has to offer.

Idaho Aviation

Idaho is called the Gem State because almost every known type of gem can be found there. The gem mines located in Idaho’s mountains produce star garnets, tourmaline, topaz, aquamarine and smokey quartz. The star garnet is abundant only in Idaho and India, and is understandably the state gem. General aviation airplanes and helicopters make traveling to and from the mines possible, and assist in making remote parts of Idaho accessible to all.

Smaller general aviation planes are also used in conjunction with Idaho’s most famous export – the potato. Potatoes contribute approximately $700 million to Idaho’s economy each year. Aerial agricultural spraying is vital for keeping potato crops pest-free and thriving.

Idaho Airports

Idaho has one of the fastest growing populations in the United States. While urban growth has encroached upon airports around the country, Idaho has been able to open five backcountry airstrips since 1990. Many people visit and return time and again for the stunning mountain ranges and wide open wilderness. Boise is the capital and largest city in Idaho. The Boise Airport serves the southwest region of the state. It is a joint civil-military airport and is also used by the Idaho Air National Guard.  Boise Airport is the state’s largest and busiest airport.

Idaho Plane Crash

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