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Illinois is bordered by Wisconsin to the north, Iowa to the west, and Missouri to the south. It became a state on December 3, 1818 and was the first state to approve the 13th Amendment of the Constitution, which helped abolished slavery. Four United States Presidents are from Illinois, including 16th President Abraham Lincoln and 44th President Barack Obama. For personal injury cases in Illinois, personal insurance protection (PIP) is available but optional. PIP is an extension of car insurance that covers medical expenses and even lost wages. It is also called “no fault” coverage because it covers some or all of the insured person’s loss, no matter who was at fault.
Illinois had an estimated population of 12,875,255 in 2012, and had a total of 671,908 civil incoming cases. This is 5,232 cases per 100,000 of the total population. Somewhat notorious for its struggles against corruption, law is certainly an important pursuit in Illinois. One famous tort case in Illinois involved the Cook County Hospital where plaintiffs had claimed wrongful death and personal injury from exposure to chemicals that were being emitted from an industrial barrel facility.
Like the rest of the country, in Illinois, a signification portion of civil cases in the state courts are personal injury cases. These claims, also called tort claims, all involve some kind of injury to a person or to property due to the actions of another entity. Many lawsuits fall under this category, including medical malpractice, construction accidents, defective products, and traffic accidents. Traffic accidents generally make up the bulk of personal injury claims, and this is certainly the case in Illinois.

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