Iowa Aviation Resources

Residents of Iowa appreciate the state for its Midwestern charm, vibrant cities and beautiful national parks. Visitors to Iowa can expect excellent hunting year-round, historic sites and even casino resorts. In addition to its tourism industry, Iowa depends on its agriculture and manufacturing industries to maintain its economy. Aviation is vital to the growth and success of both the agriculture and manufacturing industries.

Many aviation-related companies have chosen to base their operations in Iowa. For example, Rockwell Collins, headquartered in Cedar Rapids, produces avionics for aerospace and aviation companies worldwide. Alcoa Davenport Works produces aluminum aircraft parts in Bettendorf, Iowa.

Because Iowa is such an expansive state, general and commercial aviation are quite popular. Businesses, both small and large, take advantage of Iowa’s many commercial and private airports and are able to schedule meetings across the state. The travel needs of employees are so important that location and proximity to airports is a major deciding factor when choosing where to locate a company.

Iowa Airports

Iowa has no shortage of airports for tourists and business travelers. Iowa has eight commercial airports, 14 private general aviation airports and over 100 public general aviation airports. Its abundance of commercial and general aviation airports paired with its location allow for single-engine planes to travel across the Midwest. High-performance single-engine planes are able to reach cities such as Dallas, Texas, and Denver, Colorado.

Des Moines International Airport is Iowa’s only airport that offers international service. However the majority of airplane passengers are regional travelers. Eastern Iowa Airport is widely used by tourists and business travelers. Pilots flying into and out of Eastern Iowa Airport utilize regional jets and smaller general aviation planes. Davenport Municipal Airport is a popular general aviation airport located in eastern Iowa, seven miles north of downtown Davenport. It is home to the Quad City Air Show and houses several military helicopters and planes.

Military aviation is another important part of Iowa’s economy. The Iowa National Guard supplies helicopters, fighter jets and aerial re-fuelers that provide critical services to the public during natural disasters. The Air Guard’s State Headquarters is located at Camp Dodge in Johnston, Iowa.

Aviation and Agriculture in Iowa

Agriculture has remained a constant contributor to Iowa’s economy. Much of the corn grown on Iowa’s farmlands is used in ethanol production and exported across the state. Aerial spraying supports all agriculture, not only the corn fields. The total areas that utilize aerial spraying approximately equal the size of Connecticut.

Another specialized use for aviation is emergency medical transport. Helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS) help provide immediate support to those in life-threatening situations.

With so many airplanes and helicopters available, and because aviation is ubiquitous in Iowa, there are many ways to become a pilot or to pursue a lifelong passion in aviation. Cornell University offers programs in aerospace engineering and has an active aviation society. Iowa’s general aviation airports around the state offer Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-approved flight schools as do many colleges in the area.

Iowa Aviation Lawyer

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