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New Jersey is located in the Northeastern part of the United States. Though it is the fourth smallest state in the U.S., it does have the highest population density. New Jersey is known for bordering the large cities of New York City and Philadelphia and is the 3rd wealthiest state in terms of median household income as of 2011. In New Jersey, an individual is entitled to both punitive and general damages when he or she has suffered emotional trauma caused by a personal injury. The first is to punish the guilty party for his offense and the second is awarded to recover the victim’s losses.
New Jersey had an estimated population of 8,864,590 in the year 2012, which makes it the 11th most populous and most densely populated in the United States. The state had a total of 1,023,204 civil incoming cases, which is 11,625 cases per 100,000 of the total population. Of the total civil cases, 60,194 are tort cases, tried in the Superior Court. The tort trend in New Jersey has fluctuated in the past decade averaging about 60,000-64,000 cases per year.
Like the rest of the country, in New Jersey, a signification portion of civil cases in the state courts are personal injury cases. These claims all involve some kind of injury to a person or to property due to the actions of another entity. Many lawsuits fall under this category, including medical malpractice, construction accidents, defective products, and traffic accidents. Traffic accidents due to distracted driving (like texting while driving) generally make up the bulk of personal injury claims, and this is the case in New Jersey. General traffic conditions are exacerbated by the fact that many New Jersey residents commute out of state to large cities like New York and Philadelphia for their jobs. Though public transit options do exist, many still choose to drive.

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