Kentucky Aviation Resources

Visitors to the Bluegrass State can expect barbecue, horse racing and plenty of natural attractions to keep them busy. Kentucky is known for its southern hospitality and Midwest sensibilities. Located in the east south-central region of the United States, it depends on aviation for medical transportation, tourism and air-cargo deliveries.

Lexington and Louisville are two of the state’s largest cities. Louisville is the largest metropolitan area in Kentucky and is home to the Kentucky Derby. The eastern part of the state is a portion of Appalachia. Helicopters and smaller general aviation planes make traveling across the state easy and convenient.

Kentucky Derby

Kentucky attracts millions of visitors every year. The Bluegrass State gets its name from the hue of the grass on the rolling hills and from the music that is specific to the area.

Horse breeding and racing are popular pastimes for residents and tourists, especially in Louisville. On the first Saturday of May, all eyes are on Churchill Downs for the most exciting two minutes in sports – the Kentucky Derby. Possibly the most well-known horse race wraps up the two-week Derby Festival and attracts over a 100,000 spectators and visitors to Louisville.

General aviation pilots and helicopter pilots are in high demand in the days leading up to, and following, Derby. The private and public use airports and heliports serve the many visitors in town for the event who want to avoid the long lines at major airports. General aviation pilots fill a great need in the community throughout the year, not only during Derby season.

Kentucky Airports

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), there are 59 public-use airports and 215 heliports in the state. The larger commercial airports are Louisville International Airport and Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, which are the two airports that provide international service to Kentucky residents. The Blue Grass Airport in Lexington is well known by regional travelers and is the home of the Aviation Museum of Kentucky.

Kentucky has six FAA-approved pilot schools throughout the state. It’s important for a pilot to attend a flight school that has been approved by the FAA, because they are able to receive a wider variety of training.

Louisville International is home to UPS’s Worldport – the company’s international air-sorting hub. This allows UPS to employ 20,000 employees – making it one of the largest employers in Kentucky and illustrating the importance of air-cargo to Kentucky’s economy.

Medical service transport is a vital use of Kentucky’s aviation sector. Ashland, located in Northeastern Kentucky, has one of the most active medical service industries in the state. Without the trained pilots, medical helicopters and emergency personnel, those in need of emergency medical transportation following an accident would not receive the necessary care.

Slack Davis Sanger Aviation Attorneys

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