Maine Aviation Resources

Located in New England, the northernmost section of the continental United States, Maine is the least densely populated U.S. state east of the Mississippi River. Known as the Pine Tree State, Maine is 83% forested, partially by White Mountain National Forest, and is a popular destination for hunters and outdoor activity enthusiasts. There are ample trails for snowmobiling, skiing and hiking. A popular trail that can be used for all of these activities is the Appalachian Trail. Its Maine’s 230 miles of Atlantic coastlines afford its residents some of the best lobsters and clams in the country.

Maine has also seen a fair share of literary fame. Henry David Thoreau wrote The Maine Woods which takes place near the South Twin Lake. Stephen King is one of Maine’s most famous natives and he still calls the state his home. Many of Mr. King’s fictional stories are set in Maine, including Pet Sematary and Hearts in Atlantis. With the scenic overlooks, jagged coastlines and heavily forested interior, it is no wonder Maine has attracted the imagination of so many people.

Many people from all over the world come to Maine to experience the rugged, remote lifestyle residents are so proud of. Fans of Mr. King’s books travel to Bangor, Maine to see his home and travel around Maine to see the landmarks that have inspired countless stories.  Several well-known movies have been filmed in Maine as well, such as Message in a Bottle (1999), which had several scenes filmed at Phippsburg’s Popham Beach and Shutter Island (2010), with only one scene being filmed at Acadia National Park. Hunters from every corner of the United States come to Maine for the deer, moose and bear sport-hunting opportunities. Sport fishing is also a favorite pastime of residents and tourists alike.

Maine Airports

Maine has several options for visitors wishing to fly into the state. Portland is the largest city in Maine and experiences a large number of travelers each year. Portland International Jetport offers flights with popular air-travel providers such as, JetBlue and Southwest Airlines. Bangor International Airport offers passenger jet service and is home to other major airlines. Both airports have daily service to cities such as New York, Atlanta and Orlando.

Essential Air Service is responsible for subsidizing service to smaller airports such as Augusta State Airport, which is located in Maine’s capital city. Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport and Knock County Regional Airport are also subsidized by Essential Air Service.

Maine Airplane Crash

Aviation and aviation maintenance are increasingly valuable fields in Maine. Aviation companies are being courted to move to Maine because of the growth in the industry and a need for experienced pilots and FAA-approved aircraft companies.

The aviation attorneys at Slack Davis Sanger understand the important roles that aircraft and airplane pilots fill in Maine’s economy. Founded in 1993, our attorneys have more than 20 years of high-level experience working on behalf of airplane and helicopter passengers’ rights. It doesn’t matter if a passenger is flying to a remote airstrip for a hunting trip, or an international airport for a vacation, everyone is entitled to a safe journey.

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