Minnesota Aviation Resources

Minnesota is located in the Upper Midwest, is part of the Great Lakes Region, and lives up to its nickname – Land of 10,000 Lakes. There are 11,842 lakes in the state. Seaplanes allow residents to travel across the lakes, and dock where most pilots are unable to land.

Aviation is a way of life for many Minnesota residents. Many are pilots and most use planes, both commercial and private, to travel across the state and the country. Sixty percent of Minnesota’s residents live in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area, which is known as the Twin Cities. There, residents and visitors can experience a thriving international arts community and easy access to a multitude of outdoor activities.

Great Lakes Seaplanes

Minnesota has a unique geography of glacial till, volcanic mountains, and water. This provides unique opportunities for pilots and those wanting to travel around the state. There are over 15 public seaplane bases in Minnesota, all of which experience consistent traffic due to the state’s proximity to the Great Lakes.

Most cities and counties in Minnesota have small general aviation airports that cater to the smaller public and private-use planes and helicopters. These FAA regulated airports allow for efficient and quick transportation around the state, helping to keep Minnesota’s economy bustling.

Minneapolis Airports

There are three well known airports in Minnesota. Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport experiences the most passenger traffic, while Duluth International Airport and Rochester International Airport are the second and third most utilized airports, respectively. In addition there are over 135 public use airports across the state.

The Air National Guard has aircraft at Holman Field in St. Paul, Minnesota. National Guard pilots train and learn there, as well as assist in any natural disaster relief efforts. The U.S. Forest Service utilizes their general aviation planes to fight fires, conduct search and rescue efforts and other basic flight operations.

Minnesota Plane Crash

The ever increasing interest in general aviation means more business for pilots and more opportunities for passengers to travel. However, with a higher demand for flights come increased risks with air travel.  Injuries or deaths regularly occur as a result of airplane and helicopter accidents, dramatically impacting the personal lives in the process.

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