Mississippi Aviation Resources

Mississippi Farming

In the Deep South, bordering the Gulf of Mexico, sits Mississippi – the Magnolia state. Named for the mighty river that flows along its western boundary, Mississippi relies on agriculture, casinos and aviation to keep its economy active. While it is known as a large supplier of cotton, corn, wheat and soybeans, Mississippi also supplies most of the farm-raised catfish consumed in the United States.

Most of Mississippi is situated in the East Gulf Coastal Plain area and is comprised of lowlands, with the highest point in the state reaching only 807 feet above sea level. Most of the land outside of the Mississippi Delta is heavily forested. The Mississippi Delta has some of the most fertile soil in the world due to the regular flooding of the Mississippi River. Before the Civil War, many of this country’s highest-producing cotton fields were located in the Delta.

As the population expanded, so did farmlands. Today over a third of the state is used for farming. Aviation plays a very important role in the success of farmers’ crops. Aerial spraying keeps the 11 million acres of cotton, corn, wheat and soybeans free of pests.

Biloxi Casinos

Also growing in Mississippi is the number of casinos along the Gulf Coast. In 1990 casinos were legalized, and since then have been contributing millions of dollars to Mississippi’s economy. Tourists from all over the country fly in to experience southern hospitality and the thrill of gambling that one can only find in cities like Biloxi. The Beau Rivage Resort and Casino boasts the title of the tallest building in the state and attracts both visitors and residents.

Like Biloxi, Jackson attracts visitors from all over because of its food, music and entertainment. Jackson is not only the state capital but the largest city as well. Mississippi is credited as the birthplace of gospel music and rock and roll. The king of rock and roll, Elvis, was born in Tupelo on January 8, 1935.

Jackson, Mississippi Airport

Located in the center of Mississippi, the Jackson-Evers International Airport is one of two international airports. Jackson-Evers serves the Jackson area and, in addition to commercial service, it also serves military and private aviation. The second international airport is Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport located in Gulfport. This airport serves the Gulf Coast area and is used for public, commercial and civil-military aviation.

Olive Branch Airport, located in De Soto County, serves the northern portion of Mississippi and is a reliever airport for Memphis, Tennessee. It is a popular general aviation airport for the region and five miles south of the FedEx World Headquarters in Memphis. Business travelers use this airport often because they have access to both Memphis and northern Mississippi counties.

The Mississippi airports provide a connection that links businesses to cities across the state, allowing them to function efficiently. There are eight commercial airports and over 65 public-use airports that serve 2,500 general aviation aircraft.

Mississippi Plane Crash Lawyers

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