New Jersey Aviation Resources

New Jersey is a popular corridor for regional aircraft transportation between Philadelphia, New York, and even Boston. It is the most densely populated state in the United States, and because of that, experiences interesting dilemmas when it comes to air travel. Airports that were once in rural areas of New Jersey are now surrounded by communities.

New Jersey’s proximity to New York City, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia make it an attractive landing space for those embarking on international travels, or simply visiting the East Coast region. Newark Liberty International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the United States and is a primary hub for United Airlines. New Jersey aviation accounts for 18,000 jobs.

Air Travel New Jersey

In addition to Newark Liberty International Airport, New Jersey also has Atlantic City International Airport, several dozen regional and general aviation airports and over 400 restricted-use facilities – such as heliports and sea plane docks. Sightseeing is an important aspect of the tourism industry there, and as such New Jersey has an ample supply of sea planes and charter helicopter tours.

Helicopter and Sea Plane Tours

Visitors from all over the country come to enjoy the lights and casinos of Atlantic City, and the beaches and boardwalks of the Jersey Shore. The many heliports and general aviation planes make traveling convenient for tourists and celebrities wanting to get away from the cities. Unfortunately, in order to keep up with the demand, some of the airplanes and helicopters are not properly maintained. Other factors, including defective parts, fatigued pilots, and poor weather, contribute to aviation crashes.

New Jersey General Aviation Airplane Crashes

In May 2005, a private flight crashed on landing after experiencing a problem caused by the Honeywell TPE 331 engine, killing one person. The responsible Swearingen SA-226T crashed in Teterboro, New Jersey. Our New Jersey attorneys successfully represented the passengers in this accident case.

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