Slack Davis Sanger News Room

Founded in 1993, with offices in Austin, Dallas, and Fort Worth and a practice that covers all of Texas, Slack Davis Sanger personal injury lawyers represent victims of air crashes; catastrophic auto, commercial trucking or tractor-trailer collisions; general negligence involving wrongful death or serious injury; harmful prescription or over-the-counter drugs; defective products such as medical devices, auto seat belts, tires or child safety seats; and oilfield, electrical and construction site accidents.

Our attorneys are often asked to share their expertise with media professionals, association representatives, university students and community leaders. They have been featured in news stories on CNN, ABC-TV and USA Today as well as many local outlets. We welcome this interaction. Contact our marketing and public relations director, Teresa Ferguson, by e-mail or by phone at 512.795.8686 (in Austin) or 800.455.8686.

For media inquiries, contact:
Teresa Ferguson
Phone: 512.795.8686 (in Austin) or 800.455.8686

Slack Davis Sanger attorneys also speak at CLE events across the country, sharing information with other attorneys about practice trends and insights. A few topics include:

“Border Crossing – Choice of Law Issues Involving Texas and Mexican Law”
“Trial Preparation for New Lawyers”
“Shifting into First/Trucking Update”
“Cross Examination of Expert Witnesses”
“Effectively Preparing for Expert Depositions”
“How to Use Corporate Representative Depositions as a Weapon in Litigation”
“Ethics in eDiscovery”
“Choice of Law in Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Litigation”
“Pre-Trial Game Plan for New Lawyers”
“Understanding Federal Preemption in the Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Context and Overview of Depuy Hip Implant Recall Cases”
“Aviation Case Law Update”
“Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Federal Courts Jurisdiction and Venue Clarification Act of 2011, But Were Afraid to Ask”
“Government Documents and Witnesses: Using FOIA and Touhy in Aviation Litigation”
“What You Should Know About Airplane and Helicopter Crashes”
“The Pilot-Controller Relationship: Assessing Comparative Responsibility in General Aviation Crashes”
“Effective Strategies for Growing and Adapting Your Practice”
“How to Litigate Your First Civil Trial in Texas”
“Damage Done: Remedies in Lawsuits between Buyers and Sellers of Aircraft”
“Is Your Pilot Legal and Safe?”
“Closing Strong: Turning a Good Case into a Great Verdict”
“’Trial Lawyers’ versus ‘Litigators’: Why Jury Verdicts Matter”
“How a ‘Certified’ Aircraft Design May be Unsafe for Pilots and Passengers”
“Misrepresentations in Sale of Aircraft: Consequences and Remedies”
“Effective – and Ethical – Opening Statements”
“Transactions Gone Bad: Litigation between Buyers and Sellers of Aircraft”
“Seven Communication Skills of Successful Trial Lawyers”
“How to Take an Effective Deposition”
“Helicopter Crash Litigation”
“Aviation Cases Address Preemption, Jurisdictional Matters”
“Mandatory Aviation Insurance: A Domestic and international Perspective”
“Litigating Accidents and Injuring Under the Montreal Convention”
“Trends and Recent Developments in Aviation Law”
“Representing Owners in Fractional and Jet Acquisitions”
“Trying Technically Complex Cases”
“Air Ambulance Litigation”
“Aviation: NTSB Air Crash Investigations: The Back Story”
“Aviation: Deposing and Cross-examining the (Aircraft) Design Engineer”
“Preemption in Products Liability Cases”
“Aviation and Admiralty Law Update”
“Air Ambulance Helicopter Operations in the US: Medical Miracle or Menace?”