a hawaii helicopter tour

Hawaii Helicopter Crash Statistics 2017

Taking a sightseeing tour aboard a helicopter might seem like an essentially harmless adventure, not to mention a thrilling one,…

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Common Oil Rig Injuries Highlight Job Hazards

The oil and gas extraction industry can be a lucrative business, with the promise of hefty salaries, luring hundreds of…

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Compensation For Emotional Distress: What Are Your Rights?

Many people are aware that someone who is seriously injured, or worse, can recover damages from the entity responsible for…

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Oil Rig Dangers: Work-Related Injuries and Safety

Despite a rise in alternative energy sources, global demand for oil continues to increase. In the United States alone, over…

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What Are the Deadliest Highways in Texas?

As one of the biggest states, with more than 685,580 lane miles of highways, Texas holds the unfortunate distinction of being the…

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