Passenger Bill of Rights: What You Need to Know About Passenger Air Protections

In recent weeks, certain unfortunate and disturbing incidents on major airline flights have made international news, leading many people to…

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Airbag Exploded At A Car Accident

Holding Automobile Manufacturers Liable For Vehicle Defects

If you’re injured in a car accident in Dallas or anywhere else because of a vehicle safety flaw, an experienced vehicle defect…

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Male Lawyer Or Judge

Explaining Legal Jurisdiction In A Personal Injury Case

The Turners were involved in a rear-end collision in Durrant in February. Since then, they have been “living” in the Children’s…

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Product Liability

Product Liability And Wrongful Death Law

When consumers purchase or use a product, they don’t expect to be injured while using it for the intended purposes…

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Truck Driver

Dallas Truck Driver Gross Negligence And Punitive Damages

Given the enormous size and weight of the average semi-truck the property damage and bodily injuries sustained by victims in…

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