Cezar v. The Crestmont Apartments

In June 2017, Ms. Cezar was a resident of an apartment complex in the DFW metroplex.  When she rented the apartment, she pointed out to management several water stains on the ceiling in different parts of the apartment.  The apartment management assured her nothing was wrong and said it was just a cosmetic issue.  The apartment maintenance simply painted over the water spots and did nothing else to determine the cause.  Several months later, as Ms. Cezar was asleep in her bedroom, the bedroom ceiling suddenly collapsed and fell on her.  The ceiling material was wet, evidencing a leak in the roof structure.  As a result of the ceiling collapse, Ms. Cezar suffered a head injury and other significant injuries.

Through investigation and expert evaluations, Mike Guajardo and his team were able to determine a long history of water leaks with the apartment and the building it was in.  Mr. Guajardo further assembled a team of medical experts to identify all of Ms. Cezar’s injuries, as well as develop a life care plan which detailed all of her future medical care needs.  Following some key depositions of apartment management and mediation, Mr. Guajardo was able to settle the lawsuit $1.3 million.

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