Conklin v. Super Shuttle

On July 4, 2012, our client was on her way to work. She was traveling on the service road of Highway 121 in Frisco, Texas. She came to a stop at the red light at the intersection with Parkwood Drive. As she was waiting for the light to turn green, a commercial van approached her vehicle from behind. The van was traveling 52 mph, never slowed down, and violently rear-ended our client’s car. The force of the impact projected our client’s vehicle across the intersection and into a nearby concrete barrier. As a result, our client suffered a broken arm, a several herniated discs in her back, and a severe traumatic brain injury.

Following an investigation, it was revealed that the van driver was unlicensed, and that he was asleep at the wheel. His van was equipped with a dash cam video that showed his speed at 52 mph and that he was asleep for several seconds until he crashed into our client. Through a team of highly qualified medical experts and accident reconstructionists, Michael Guajardo was able to establish the liability and substantial damages caused to our client. On the eve of trial, Michael Guajardo was successful in resolving the case for a substantial seven figure amount. The recovery provided for the long-term care needs our client faced, as well as other significant losses sustained.

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