Ohio Aviation Resources

General aviation has a large role in engineering Ohio’s success. The “Buckeye State” links the northeastern United States to the Midwest, which is an asset that affects economic growth and national expansion. Ohio sees plenty of cargo and commercial aviation traffic due to the fact that transportation is one of the largest contributors to the state’s economy. Slack Davis Sanger understands the vital role aviation plays in the Midwest state’s livelihood. Their legal management

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Aerospace and Ohio Aviation

Seventeen percent of the United States’ jobs in aviation and aerospace are based in Ohio. The fields account for the majority of Ohio’s economy as well. Research and development, tourism and general aviation create jobs to encourage Ohio’s economic development. Some of the leading aerospace companies that call Ohio home are:

  • Honeywell
  • Lockheed Martin
  • GE Aviation
  • NASA Glenn Research Center and Plum Brook Station

These companies provide world class education and make significant R&D contributions to the fields of aviation and aerospace.

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

The Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is located in Dayton. Operating first and foremost as one of the largest air force bases in the country, it is also an important stop for tourists and has a strong impact on the state’s economy.

The Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is home to the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory. This laboratory is responsible for advanced research and development within the fields of aviation and aerospace. Academics, military personnel and government workers make up the 10,000-plus employed at this air force base.

Ohio Air Travel

There are over 100 general aviation airports and heliports in the state. In addition to the five international airports, Ohio also has two military airfields: Rickenbacker International Airport and Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

Dayton International Airport is a significant freight hub that hosts FedEx Express, UPS Airlines and United States Postal Service. The Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport is a general aviation airport that acts as a reliever airport for Dayton International Airport, used mainly by general aviation and corporate planes.

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