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Frequently Asked Questions about Working with Slack Davis Sanger

What kinds of cases do Slack Davis Sanger attorneys litigate?
By leveraging attorneys’ individual interests and strengths, Slack Davis Sanger has grown into a nationally recognized force in civil litigation. Our practice areas include aviation law, such as commercial airline, helicopter, charter plane and private plane crashes, as well as aircraft product liability cases and aviation business issues.

Our other personal injury cases pertain to auto, bus and truck accidents; dangerous prescription and over-the-counter drugs; product liability; negligence and construction site incidents.

Another attorney said my case was too complex. Can Slack Davis Sanger handle it?
Slack Davis Sanger has successfully litigated claims against industry giants, such as commercial airlines, aircraft manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers and insurance companies. We not only provide our clients with outstanding legal expertise and representation, but also with caring, responsive service and guidance during and after litigation.

How do I know if I have a case?
Talking with our case specialist (also known as an “intake coordinator”) is the first step in determining whether you should seek legal recourse for injuries or damages you (or a family member) have suffered. In a free initial telephone consultation, our experienced case specialist will seek answers to three key questions:

  • How serious are any injuries or losses?
  • Is there a liable party who is responsible for the damages?
  • Is there time to file a lawsuit before the statute of limitations expires?

After your inquiry is taken, our attorneys will evaluate your specific situation and determine whether the potential claim is feasible to pursue. You will be advised promptly of the outcome of our case review.

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What does it mean for a case to be economically feasible?
Slack Davis Sanger attorneys draw upon their extensive experience with similar cases to evaluate potential recoveries in each case and look for ways to obtain fair compensation for our clients. If our attorneys see little or no potential for a recovery, they will not take the case. This is to your advantage, as it would cost you more in time, effort and emotion than you would be able to recover.

What does it cost to hire Slack Davis Sanger?
Slack Davis Sanger charges no fees to plaintiffs in personal injury cases unless we make a successful recovery. If we obtain a recovery, expenses incurred to develop claims are deducted from the settlement or award. Slack Davis Sanger also takes a fee, which is a pre-determined percentage of the recovery. This fee covers office overhead, staff time, attorney time and expenses related to the case. The amount of the contingent fee charged depends on the complexity and risk associated with your claim.

In business litigation cases we normally charge hourly fees, which we will discuss during your free, initial consultation.

How long will it take to get a recovery?
Each case is unique. Your attorney can give you a general sense of how long your claim might take to be resolved once he or she has enough information to assess its relative complexity.

If Slack Davis Sanger takes my case, what is the next step?
Before contacting the opposing counsel, the Slack Davis Sanger legal team will gather more information about the incident and all parties involved. This can entail requests for records, conferring with experts, speaking with witnesses and researching the party or parties at fault. This process can take several weeks or even months.

In plaintiffs’ cases, if the additional information gathered confirms the strength and feasibility of the case, Slack Davis Sanger will notify the defendant and/or legal counsel of the status of our claim. If a lawsuit appears unfeasible after further research, the attorney will return the file to you.

How do clients find out about Slack Davis Sanger?
Many of the cases we handle are referred to us by other attorneys who value the expertise and commitment we bring to complex cases. We remain open to any team approach or collaboration that may prove beneficial for the client and all concerned.

Do you have a case you would like to discuss with Slack Davis Sanger? Please submit an inquiry.

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