Pennsylvania Aviation Resources

Pennsylvania is known both for the important role it played in American history and its agriculture. Located in the Great Lakes Region in the Northeast United Sates, Pennsylvania offers something for everyone, including history buffs, sports fans, and Fortune 500 companies.

Aerial agriculture spraying is an important part of Pennsylvania’s economy and agricultural welfare. Wildlife management departments also depend on general aviation to serve remote areas across the state. Pennsylvania aviation is accountable for more than 300,000 jobs in the area, a number that is steadily increasing as more people visit the state.

Pennsylvania Air Travel

Pennsylvania has 134 public-use airports – seven of which are major commercial airports. More than 100,000 operations a year are completed among the commercial airports, making aviation vital to the regional economy. Philadelphia International Airport serves the greater Philadelphia area, which welcomes fans to cheer on the Steelers, Eagles, or Penn State football teams.

Fortune 500 companies and air-cargo planes use Philadelphia International Airport as a hub. Pennsylvania’s proximity to the East Coast and accessibility to the rest of the country makes it an ideal stopping point for many companies and general aviation pilots. Pittsburgh International Airport also accommodates the busy area – serving helicopters, emergency responders and tourists.

With so much of the state consisting of farmland, residents depend on general aviation to get around. However not all pilots take the appropriate safety precautions when flying. Airplane or helicopter crashes can happen at any time. Pilot error, flying in unsafe weather conditions and mechanical failure are frequent causes.

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