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Airline Disaster Litigation

Slack Davis Sanger attorneys have extensive experience successfully representing passengers in airline crashes. Over the past 30 years our attorneys have been involved in most of the domestic airline crashes, as well as a number of foreign crashes.

Our attorneys are experienced trial lawyers with a record of outstanding verdicts, who also have substantial experience and credentials within the aviation industry as pilots and engineers. We do not bundle cases or settle cases en mass. We prepare our clients’ individual cases for trial even though the vast majority of our clients’ airline cases settle before trial. We feel that preparing our clients’ airline cases for trial compels the outstanding results that we have achieved for our clients. Our goal with each passenger or family we represent is to obtain the optimum recovery in the shortest time possible. We also strive to eliminate safety deficits and force changes within the airline through our work on the case.

We invite you to review a  list of Slack Davis Sanger’ airline accident cases, including those involving American Airlines Flight 331, American Airlines Flight 587, American Connection Flight 5966, American Airlines Flight 1420 and Valujet Flight 592.

Commercial Airline Crashes
The crash of a commercial airliner is one of the world’s most complex tragedies. Establishing the cause of commercial plane crashes is a time-intensive, technical process that involves the National Transportation Safety Board, Federal Aviation Administration and independent investigators working on behalf of victims, their families, commercial carriers and aircraft manufacturers.

After an Airline Accident
Slack Davis Sanger commercial plane crash attorneys have extensive experience as lead counsel for the families and victims of airline accidents. Our firm does not refer airline accident cases to other attorneys. Clients can be confident their airline accident case will be handled by the same experts who take their call.

What to Expect
After a plane crashes, the airline’s insurance company will probably contact survivors or victims’ families. The insurer may offer a settlement and may also offer a cash advance to defray immediate costs resulting from the accident.

Survivors or victims’ families should not accept any offers or sign any documents before speaking to an attorney who is knowledgeable in aviation cases.

Accepting a settlement from an aviation insurer may have significant adverse consequences to the releasing party. The laws pertaining to settlements differ from state to state and can produce dramatically different results. In some states, a release given in favor of a liable party can significantly limit pursuit of claims against other potential defendants. In some instances a settlement operates as an offset or deduction against further damages. Furthermore, in most aviation releases the insurers will certainly seek to include their other insured interests. Some of these insured entities may be jointly liable and owe the releasing parties additional damages. By signing a release that includes other potentially liable parties, the releasing party may be forfeiting claims against those other parties and be unable to secure additional compensation. This is a very complex area of the law and no release should be considered without first speaking with a qualified attorney.

Protections under the Law
In 1996, after the TWA crash that killed 230 people off Long Island, Congress passed the Aviation Disaster Family Assistance Act. This law requires that the families of airline accident victims be treated with care and respect.

Here are the key points:

  • Family members should be given time to notify other relatives before passengers’ names are made public
  • Airlines must offer crisis counseling
  • Airlines must make hotel rooms and food available
  • Airlines must help family members retrieve dental records and X-rays to identify the victims
  • Airlines must provide transportation to and from the crash site
  • Airlines should consult family members about a memorial

When lawsuits are filed against the airline or other major corporations, airline accident lawyers must battle strong and well-funded defense teams. That is when the aviation legal expertise provided by Slack Davis Sanger commercial plane crash attorneys can be a welcome relief to families of those killed in air crashes, as well as passengers lucky enough to survive.

Our firm stands ready to assist you in your time of need; however, we will never contact you without your permission or your legal representative’s authorization. Please contact the airline accident lawyers at our firm first to determine if we can be of assistance.