Plane Crash Lawsuit – Cases Handled

Make / Model of the Aircraft Airline Flight Location Date Casualties Circumstances Attorney
Aerospatiale Concorde Air France Flight 4590 Paris, France Jul., 2000 119 Crashed shortly after takeoff due to ruptured fuel tank. Ladd Sanger*
Airbus A300B4-605R American Airlines Flight 587 Belle Harbor, New York Nov., 2001 265 Vertical stabilizer and rudder separated from aircraft. Slack Davis Sanger represents more than 30 clients related to this disaster. Mike Slack, Ladd Sanger
Airbus A320 Gulf Air Flight 72 Bahrain Aug., 2000 143 Airbus crashed on approach. Ladd Sanger*
Airbus A330-203 Air France Flight 447 Atlantic Ocean Jun., 2009 228 Crash of commercial flight en route from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Paris, France. Ladd Sanger, Mike Slack
Airbus A340-300 Lufthansa Flight 440 Landed in Houston, Texas after severe turbulence over Walnut Ridge, Arkansas+C30 Aug., 2003 46 Transatlantic flight from Frankfurt to Houston encountered severe turbulence over Arkansas; aircraft continued to Houston. Ladd Sanger
ATR-72-212 American Eagle Flight 4184 Roselawn, Indiana Oct., 1994 68 After circling Chicago O’Hare for an hour, ice built up on wings. Mike Slack
BAE Jetstream 32 American Connection Flight 5966 Kirksville, Missouri Oct., 2004 13 Plane crashed in woods short of airport. Slack Davis Sanger successfully represented one of two survivors. Mike Slack, Ladd Sanger, Donna Bowen
Beech 1900 U.S. Airways Express Flight 5481 Charlotte, North Carolina Jan., 2003 21 Under investigation; overloading suspected. Mike Slack
Beech Queen Air BE70 Universal Airways Flight 76 Air Taxi Gulfport, Mississippi Mar., 1979 8 Nose baggage door opened in flight and was struck by left propeller. Tom Davis*
Boeing 737-200 AirTran Airways Flight 890 Atlanta, Georgia Nov., 1998 13 Emergency landing and evacuation of aircraft. Ladd Sanger*
Boeing 737-291 United Airlines Flight 585 Colorado Springs, Colorado Mar., 1991 25 Unexpected reversal of the rudder. Mike Slack, Tom Davis
Boeing 737-524 Continental Airlines Flight 1404 Denver, Colorado Dec., 2008 0 Airplane departed left side of runway during takeoff from Denver International Airport. A postcrash fire ensued, resulting in numerous passenger injuries. Mike Slack
Boeing 737-800 GOL Flight 1907 Azevedo, Brazil Sep., 2006 154 Mid air collision between Gol flight 1907 and Embraer Legacy 600 jet over Amazon jungle Ladd Sanger
Boeing 737-823 American Airlines Flight 331 Kingston, Jamaica Dec., 2009 0 Pilot overran runway while landing at the Norman Manley International Airport. Numerous injuries. Mike Slack, Ladd Sanger
Boeing 747-131 Trans World Airlines Flight 800 East Moriches, New York Jul., 1996 230 Explosion of the center-wing fuel tank. Ladd Sanger*
Boeing 767-366-ER Egypt Air Flight 990 Nantucket Island Oct., 1999 217 Crashed into the Atlantic due to the relief first officer’s intentional flight control inputs. Ladd Sanger*
Cessna Caravan 208B Regional Airline Belize City, Belize Sep., 2008 0 Tropic Air plane crashed due to engine failure, resulting in passenger injuries. Ladd Sanger, Mark Pierce, Mike Slack
DeHavilland DHC-6-300 Regional Airline Tamarindo, Costa Rica Dec., 2005 0 Nature Air plane crashed on approach to Tamarindo Airport, resulting in injuries to passengers and crew. Ladd Sanger
Lockheed L-1011-385-1 Delta Flight 191 Dallas / Fort Worth Airport Aug., 1985 163 Wind shear during violent thunderstorm. Firm represented the families of six deceased passengers. Mike Davis*, Tom Davis*
McDonnell Douglas DC-9 AirTran Airways Flight 956 Atlanta, Georgia Nov., 2000 13 Aircraft made an emergency landing. Ladd Sanger*
McDonnell Douglas DC-9 Valujet Flight 592 Florida Everglades May., 1996 110 Walter Hyatt, noted musician, died in this crash. Oxygen canisters that were mistakenly labeled “empty” exploded in cargo area during flight. Mike Slack, Mike Davis
McDonnell Douglas MD-82 American Airlines Flight 1420 Little Rock, Arkansas Jun., 1999 121 Pilot error. Recovery on behalf of clients is confidential. Mike Slack