Air Medical Cases Handled

Make / Model of the Aircraft Airline Flight Location Date Casualties Circumstances Attorney
Aerospatiale AS 350B2 Medical Helicopters / Air Ambulance Roswell, New Mexico Oct., 2001 4 Crashed during training flight. $3.2 million verdict in September 2003 on behalf of family of New Mexico State Police Officer killed in crash. Verdict reversed on appeal June 22, 2005; remanded to State Court. $3.2 million verdict returned in July 2006. Mike Slack
Aerospatiale AS 350B2 Medical Helicopters / Air Ambulance El Paso, Texas Feb., 2010 3 Helicopter destroyed upon impact with terrain. Post-crash fire ensued. Commercial
pilot and two paramedics received fatal injuries.
Mark Pierce
Agusta A109 K2 Medical Helicopters / Air Ambulance Salt Lake City, Utah Jan., 2003 3 Crashed while attempting to pick-up patient in adverse weather conditions. Mike Slack
Bell 206L Medical Helicopters / Air Ambulance Skidmore (Beeville), Texas Jan., 2002 2 Two EMTs suffered serious injuries in crash-F64 landing resulting from engine failure. Mike Slack
Bell 206L-1 Medical Helicopters / Air Ambulance Gentry, Arkansas Feb., 2005 1 Patient injured in motor vehicle accident is killed during air ambulance trip to the hospital. Mark Pierce, Mike Slack
Bell 206L-1 Medical Helicopter / Air Ambulance Walnut Grove, Arkansas Aug., 2010 3 Medical helicopter crash. In-flight separation of the main rotor and tail boom. Mike Slack
Bell 407 Air Ambulance Flight Huntsville, Texas Jun., 2008 4 Helicopters crashed at night while transporting patient to hospital. Mike Slack, Ladd Sanger, Mark Pierce
Bell 407 Medical helicopters Flagstaff, Arizona Jun., 2008 3 Mid-air crash between two medical helicopters Mike Slack
Cessna 421B Air Ambulance Alpine, Texas Jul., 2010 5 Airplane impacted terrain shortly after takeoff. Mike Slack
Cessna Citation 550 Air Ambulance Flight Milwaukee, Wisconsin Jun., 2007 6 Aircraft crashed while on organ transplant flight Mike Slack, Mark Pierce, Ladd Sanger
Eurocopter AS 350BA Medical Helicopters / Air Ambulance La Gloria, Texas (near Harlingen) Jun., 1998 3 Pilot became lost way en route to accident scene and crashed. Confidential recovery on behalf of clients. Mike Slack
Eurocopter AS350 B3 Medical Helicopter / Air Ambulance Tucson, AZ Jul., 2010 3 Helicopter experienced complete loss of engine power and crashed. Mike Slack, Ladd Sanger
Eurocopter AS350BZ Medical Helicopter / Air Ambulance Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Feb., 2013 2 Medical helicopter crash with post-crash fire. Ladd Sanger, Michael Slack
Eurocopter EC130B4 Medical Helicopter / Air Ambulance Seminole, Oklahoma Jan., 2013 0 Loss of engine power due to ice ingestion. Ladd Sanger