Charter Tour Cases Handled Test

Make / Model of the Aircraft Airline Flight Location Date Casualties Circumstances Attorney
Aerospatiale AS 350BA Charter Helicopters Galveston, Texas Jul., 1994 5 In-flight failure of rotor pitch control servo. Ladd Sanger*
Aerospatiale AS 355F1 Sightseeing Charter Helicopters Maui, Hawaii Jul., 2000 7 Blue Hawaii tour Helicopters crashed in adverse weather conditions. Ladd Sanger*
Antonov 26B-100 Charter Flight Balad , Iraq Jan., 2007 3 Aircraft crash on approach after mechanical failures Ladd Sanger
Beechcraft King Air B200 OSU Basketball Charter / Tour Denver, Colorado Jan., 2001 10 Aircraft Charter / Toured by OSU Basketball team crashed shortly after takeoff. Ladd Sanger*
Bell 206B Charter Helicopters North Slope, Alaska Sep., 1996 1 Helicopters crashed in low visibility. Ladd Sanger*
Bell 206B Charter Helicopters Elkhorn, Wisconsin Aug., 1990 5 Blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan died in this crash. Slack Davis Sanger represented his family. Mike Slack, Mike Davis, Tom Davis
Bell 206B-3 Charter Helicopters British Columbia, Canada Feb., 1994 5 Operating on visual flight rules, plane crashed into mountain in thick fog and instrument conditions. Mike Slack, Donna Bowen
Bell 206B-3 Charter Helicopters Houston, Texas May., 1991 4 Drive shaft failure and subsequent crash into apartments. Helicopters drive shaft failed due to poor maintenance. Recovery on behalf of our clients is confidential. On-board video equipment recorded crash sequence. Mike Slack, Donna Bowen
Bell 206L Charter Helicopters Anchorage, Alaska Oct., 2001 5 Pilot flew too low in falling snow, with low ceilings, whiteout/grayout conditions and flat/glassy water. Mike Slack
Bell 206L-3 Charter helicopter Antigua, Guatemala Apr., 2012 0 Flight carrying documentary photographer crashed into terrain. Ladd Sanger
Bell 412EP Charter Santa Cruz, Peru Mar., 2008 10 Helicopter ferrying passengers from a copper mine impacted remote, mountainous terrain. Ladd Sanger
Cessna 208B Charter Flight Dillingham, Alaska Oct., 2001 10 Ice contamination caused crash on takeoff. Mike Slack
Cessna 404 Scenic Airlines Flight 306 Grand Canyon, Arizona Jul., 1980 8 Defect in the engine’s turbocharger, according to lawsuit filed by pilot’s widow. Tom Davis*
Eurocopter AS 350BA Sightseeing Helicopters Juneau, Alaska Jun., 1999 7 Sightseeing tour to cruise ship passenger. Crashed on glacier. Ladd Sanger
Eurocopter EC 130 B4 Sightseeing Helicopter Pukoo (Island of Molokai), Hawaii Nov., 2011 5 Helicopter collided with mountainous terrain. Mike Slack
Hawker Siddeley Charter / Tour San Diego, California Mar., 1991 10 Members of Reba McEntire’s band died in this crash. Recovery on behalf of clients is confidential. Mike Davis*, Tom Davis*
Learjet 25D Charter aircraft Houston, Texas Dec., 2001 2 Aircraft crashed on positioning flight to pick up Charter customers at Intercontinental Airport. Ladd Sanger*
McDonnell Douglas 369FF Sightseeing Helicopters Haena, Hawaii Mar., 2007 5 Helicopters’s tail rotor failed and tailrotor gearbox separated from Helicopters inflight Ladd Sanger
McDonnell Douglas MD-369E Power Line Charter / Tour Bloomfield, New Mexico May., 2000 2 Helicopters hit power line while maneuvering a ravine. Ladd Sanger*
Mitsubishi MU-2B-36 Charter Cargo Flight West Memphis, Arkansas Sep., 2005 1 Crashed during return to airport. Ladd Sanger
Mitsubishi MU-2B-60 Charter Cargo Flight Ferndale, Maryland May., 2004 1 Aircraft crashed on approach to landing. Ladd Sanger
Mitsubishi MU-2B-60 Charter Cargo Flight Englewood, Colorado Dec., 2004 2 Aircraft crashed during emergency landing. Ladd Sanger
Mitsubishi MU-2B-60 Charter Amarillo, Texas Feb., 2010 0 Airplane crashed while landing, which resulted in pilot / passenger injuries. Ladd Sanger
Piper PA-23 Charter Plane Cotulla, Texas Oct., 2000 2 Aircraft crashed due to fuel exhaustion after fuel system had been modified. Ladd Sanger*
Robinson R-44 Charter Flight Sosua, Dominican Republic Oct., 2006 4 Helicopters main rotor blade delaminated in flight and severed tailboom Ladd Sanger
Robinson R-44 II Charter Helicopter Indiana, Pennsylvania Apr., 2011 0 Helicopter with three-person film crew on board collided with buildings, leading to serious passenger injuries. Mike Slack, Ladd Sanger
Robinson R22 BETA Charter Helicopters Houston, Texas Mar., 1999 2 Loss of control of Helicopters on Charter photo flight while hovering out of ground effect. Ladd Sanger*
Westwind II IA-1124 Charter Plane Guatemala City, Guatemala Feb., 1997 5 Controlled flight into terrain while executing a VOR DME arc approach at La Aurora International Airport for planned fuel stop. Ladd Sanger*

* Attorney initially handled claim while at a different law firm.