GA Cases Handled

Make / Model of the Aircraft Airline Flight Location Date Casualties Circumstances Attorney
Aero Commander 500-B Private Plane Burns, Oregon Aug., 2010 2 Airplane crashed due to unknown conditions. Mike Slack
Aero Commander 685 Private Plane Apodaca, Mexico Dec., 2004 5 Crashed during takeoff. Ladd Sanger
Aero Commander 690A Private Plane Yakima, Washington Dec., 1997 2 On visual approach, aircraft crashed short of runway. Ladd Sanger*
Aerostar Private Plane Tijuana, Mexico Nov., 2011 0 Airplane crashed into shop. Ladd Sanger
Air Tractor AT-502B Agricultural aircraft test flight Farwell, Texas Sep., 2003 1 On a test flight, aircraft crashed after entering an inverted flat spin. Mike Slack
Aircraft Mfg & Dev. Co. (AMD) Zodiac CH601XLi Private Plane Farmersville, Texas Aug., 2008 1 Inadvertent tail stall and subsequent loss of airplane control as a result of the open canopy. Led to hard landing and injuries. Ladd Sanger
American Champion 7GCBC/Citabria Private Plane Wichita Falls, Texas Sep., 2008 1 Airplane experienced loss of engine power due to carburetor icing. Ladd Sanger
Antonov 26B-100 Charter Flight Balad , Iraq Jan., 2007 3 Aircraft crash on approach after mechanical failures Ladd Sanger
Aveko SRO VL-3 LSA Private Plane Boyd, Texas May., 2010 0 Propeller blade separated in flight and Ballistic Recovery System (BRS) failed to deploy. Mike Slack, Ladd Sanger. John Jose
Beech 100 Private Plane Aurora, Texas Oct., 2009 0 Airplane crash due to engine failure, which resulted in pilot / passenger injuries. Mike Slack, John Jose
Beech 23 Private Plane Macon, Georgia Jan., 2000 2 Aircraft crashed following a loss of engine power. Ladd Sanger*
Beech 35C33 Private Plane Tolar, Texas Jul., 2010 3 Airplane crashed while flying at night over a rural area. Ladd Sanger
Beech 76 Private Plane Fort Worth, Texas Oct., 2011 0 Airplane crashed due to engine failure. Mike Slack, Ladd Sanger
Beech A36 Private Plane Mabank, Texas Oct., 2012 4 Airplane impacted terrain during descent. Michael Slack
Beech B60 Private Plane Sedona, Arizona Jul., 2012 3 Attempted take-off, runway overrun and post-crash fire. Ladd Sanger
Beech E-55 Private Plane Broken Bow, Nebraska Mar., 2012 1 Crashed while landing, due to improper fuel management. Ladd Sanger
Beechcraft 1900 Private Plane Eagleton, Arkansas Dec., 2002 3 Aircraft collided with terrain during approach. Ladd Sanger
Beechcraft A45 (T-34B) Training Flight Montgomery, Texas Dec., 2004 2 Wing separated from aircraft during upset recovery training. Ladd Sanger
Beechcraft Baron 58P Private Flight Marietta, Oklahoma Mar., 2007 4 Aircraft crashed on dirt runway during landing Mike Slack
Beechcraft Baron 95-B55 Private Plane Houston, Texas May., 2000 6 Pilot did not remove control lock prior to attempting to takeoff. Ladd Sanger
Beechcraft Baron 95-B55 Training Flight Dallas, Texas Oct., 2001 2 Crashed in flat spin while on training flight. Ladd Sanger*
Beechcraft Bonanza A36 Private Plane New Vienna, Iowa Mar., 2003 3 Structural failure in flight. Ladd Sanger
Beechcraft Bonanza A36 Private Plane Camden, Arkansas Aug., 1992 1 New aircraft on delivery flight suffered in-flight structural failure. Ladd Sanger*
Beechcraft Bonanza A36 Training Flight Sedona, Arizona Apr., 2003 3 Training flight. Slack Davis Sanger represented the family of a young man who was training to be a commercial pilot.
Beechcraft Bonanza D35 Private Plane Nacogdoches, Texas Mar., 2002 3 Failure of fuel pump drive pin resulted in total loss of engine power. Ladd Sanger
Beechcraft Bonanza V35 Private Plane De Funiak Springs, Florida Jul., 2005 1 In-flight engine failure. Ladd Sanger
Beechcraft Duchess BE76 FAA Checkride Frisco, Texas May., 1998 2 Aircraft undergoing FAA practical test for multi-engine rating crashed and burned. Ladd Sanger*
Beechcraft King Air B200 Alaska Army National Guard Juneau, Alaska Nov., 1992 8 Pilot error. Confidential settlement on behalf of five families reached in 2002. Tom Davis, Mike Slack
Beechcraft King Air B200 OSU Basketball Charter / Tour Denver, Colorado Jan., 2001 10 Aircraft Charter / Toured by OSU Basketball team crashed shortly after takeoff. Ladd Sanger*
Beechcraft King Air E90 Private Flight New Roads, Louisiana Jun., 2005 5 Aircraft landed hard and exploded in post crash fire Ladd Sanger
Beechcraft Mentor T34B Dominican Air Force Aircraft San Isidro, Dominican Republic Jun., 1999 2 Dominican Air Force test flight after engine overhaul. Incorrect fuel pump had been installed, causing engine to fail. Ladd Sanger*
Behne Glasair III Private Plane Byron, California Oct., 2012 2 Airplane impacted terrain. Ladd Sanger
Bumford-Royer Christen Eagle II Private Plane Pearland, Texas Apr., 2012 0 Plane crashed after takeoff from Pearland Regional Airport. Ladd Sanger
Cessna 150L Private Plane Needville, Texas Jan., 1995 2 Crashed near airport after making low-level pass. Ladd Sanger*
Cessna 172B Private Plane Denton, Texas Jul., 2002 2 Pilot was unable to stop on runway. Ladd Sanger
Cessna 172N Private Plane Deerfield Beach, Florida Jun., 2003 5 Mid-air collision of two private planes over the ocean. Ladd Sanger*
Cessna 172S Private Plane Longmont, Colorado Mar., 2012 2 Mid-air collision. Ladd Sanger
Cessna 177RG Private Plane Covington, Georgia Sep., 1998 0 Aircraft’s engine failed in flight due to improper reassembly. Ladd Sanger*
Cessna 177RG Private Plane Fargo, North Dakota Feb., 2005 2 Aircraft’s engine failed on take off due to improper installation of oil filter. Ladd Sanger
Cessna 182L Private Plane Noble, Oklahoma May., 2000 2 Mid-air collision. Ladd Sanger
Cessna 182P Private Plane Taos, New Mexico Nov., 2000 2 Crashed while maneuvering in canyon. Ladd Sanger*
Cessna 182P Private Plane Yucca, Arizona Oct., 2012 1 Impacted terrain during first flight following mechanical inspection. Ladd Sanger, Michael Slack
Cessna 182Q Private Plane Deerfield Beach, Florida Jun., 2003 5 Mid-air collision of two private planes over the ocean. Ladd Sanger
Cessna 182S Private Plane Fayetteville, Arkansas Mar., 2003 2 Operated by the Cessna Employees Flying Club of Wichita, Kansas. Ladd Sanger
Cessna 195 Private Plane St. Augustine, Florida Dec., 2005 3 Aircraft crashed in ocean following engine failure. Mark Pierce, Ladd Sanger
Cessna 206 Private Plane Monterrey, Mexico Feb., 2001 1 In instrument conditions, aircraft crashed on approach to airport. Ladd Sanger*
Cessna 208B Charter Flight Dillingham, Alaska Oct., 2001 10 Ice contamination caused crash on takeoff. Mike Slack
Cessna 208B Private Plane Parks, Arizona Nov., 2002 4 Loss of control following icing encounter. Mike Slack, Ladd Sanger, Donna Bowen
Cessna 208B Contract Flight Round Rock, Texas Oct., 2005 1 Crash due to engine failure and loss of power Mike Slack
Cessna 210 Private Plane Clarendon, Texas Dec., 2003 2 Forced landing from 8,000 feet due to smoke from engine cowling. Ladd Sanger*
Cessna 210L Private Plane Mack, Colorado May., 2000 2 Operating on visual flight rules, plane crashed into mountain in instrument conditions. Ladd Sanger
Cessna 401 Private Plane Chanute, Kansas May., 2012 4 Crash as result of cabin heater malfunction. Ladd Sanger, Michael Slack
Cessna 404 Scenic Airlines Flight 306 Grand Canyon, Arizona Jul., 1980 8 Defect in the engine’s turbocharger, according to lawsuit filed by pilot’s widow. Tom Davis*
Cessna 414A Private Plane Hayden, Colorado Feb., 2012 2 Airplane impacted terrain on landing. Michael Slack
Cessna 421B Private Plane Fort Worth, Texas Sep., 2012 0 Crashed shortly after take-off due to open cargo door. Ladd Sanger
Cessna Citation 550 Air Ambulance Flight Milwaukee, Wisconsin Jun., 2007 6 Aircraft crashed while on organ transplant flight Mike Slack, Mark Pierce, Ladd Sanger
Cessna P210 Private Plane Paint Lick, Kentucky Nov., 2004 1 Catastrophic in-flight engine failure. Mike Slack, Ladd Sanger
Cessna T210L Private Plane Abita Springs, Louisiana Dec., 2004 2 Loss of engine power. Mike Slack, Ladd Sanger
Christen Eagle II Private Plane Tyler, Texas Nov., 2000 2 Pilot was performing aerobatic maneuvers at a low altitude. Ladd Sanger*
Hawker Siddeley Charter / Tour San Diego, California Mar., 1991 10 Members of Reba McEntire’s band died in this crash. Recovery on behalf of clients is confidential. Mike Davis*, Tom Davis*
Hawker-Beech BE-200 King Air Maintenance on corporate airplane Taylor, Texas Apr., 2008 1 Mechanic was killed when struck by an airplane door that opened under cabin pressurization. Mike Slack, Ladd Sanger, Mark Pierce
Lancair Private Plane n/a Dec., 2000 0 Lawsuit for improper assembly of kit plane. Ladd Sanger*
Learjet 25D Charter aircraft Houston, Texas Dec., 2001 2 Aircraft crashed on positioning flight to pick up Charter customers at Intercontinental Airport. Ladd Sanger*
Learjet 60 Dallas Cowboys Corporate Troy, Alabama Jan., 2001 2 Collision with deer during landing roll resulted in failure of thrust reversal system. Ladd Sanger*
Merlin (SA-226T) Corporate checkflight Santa Fe, New Mexico May., 1993 4 Crashed during training flight. Ladd Sanger*
Mitsubishi MU-2B-25 Private Plane Hillsboro, Oregon May., 2005 4 Aircraft crashed shortly after takeoff. Ladd Sanger
Mitsubishi MU-2B-26A Private Plane San Antonio, Texas Jan., 2000 2 Right engine failed immediately after takeoff. Ladd Sanger
Mitsubishi MU-2B-30 Private Plane Alamogordo, New Mexico Jun., 1992 6 Pilot error due to inadequate assistance navigating mountainous terrain. Recovery on behalf of clients is confidential. Tom Davis
Mitsubishi MU-2B-36 Charter Cargo Flight West Memphis, Arkansas Sep., 2005 1 Crashed during return to airport. Ladd Sanger
Mitsubishi MU-2B-40 Private Plane The Woodlands, Texas May., 2001 2 In-flight separation of tip tank resulted in unrecoverable spin. Ladd Sanger
Mitsubishi MU-2B-60 Private Plane Ft. Pierce, Florida Jun., 2006 1 Aircraft crash shortly after takeoff Ladd Sanger
Mitsubishi MU-2B-60 Charter Cargo Flight Ferndale, Maryland May., 2004 1 Aircraft crashed on approach to landing. Ladd Sanger
Mitsubishi MU-2B-60 Charter Cargo Flight Englewood, Colorado Dec., 2004 2 Aircraft crashed during emergency landing. Ladd Sanger
Mitsubishi MU-2B-60 Charter Amarillo, Texas Feb., 2010 0 Airplane crashed while landing, which resulted in pilot / passenger injuries. Ladd Sanger
Mooney M203 Private Plane Angel Fire, New Mexico Mar., 2013 4 Airplane impacted terrain during high wind conditions. Ladd Sanger, Michael Slack
Mooney M20C Private Plane Sparta, Tennessee Nov., 1997 2 Pilot error, inadvertent VFR flight into instrument meteorological conditions. Ladd Sanger*
Mooney M20D Private Plane Pagosa Springs, Colorado Sep., 2004 1 Aircraft crashed during takeoff run. Ladd Sanger
North American SNJ-6 Aerobatic Flight Kissimmee, Florida May., 2005 2 In-flight separation of the right wing. Mike Slack, Ladd Sanger
North American T-28B Private Plane Waxahachie, Texas Jul., 2009 0 Total loss of engine power led to hard landing and serious injuries. Ladd Sanger
North American/Aero Classics P-51D Aerobatic Flight Reno, Nevada Sep., 2011 11 Airplane impacted terrain following a loss of control while maneuvering at Reno National Championship Air Races. Mike Slack, Ladd Sanger
Piper Aztec PA-23-250 Private Plane Baker, Florida Jun., 2004 2 Flight into thunderstorm caused in-flight breakup of airplane. Mark Pierce
Piper Cherokee 180 Private Plane Bonham, Texas Mar., 2003 1 Plane ran out of gas because an unapproved fuel selector valve handle was installed on the aircraft. Ladd Sanger
Piper Colemill Navajo Private Plane Finca Primavera, Guatemala Apr., 1997 0 Left engine failed shortly after takeoff, resulting in crash and post-crash fire. Ladd Sanger*
Piper PA 46 500 TP Private Plane Paris, Texas Jan., 2013 3 Impacted terrain shortly after departure, due to weather. Ladd Sanger
Piper PA-23 Charter Plane Cotulla, Texas Oct., 2000 2 Aircraft crashed due to fuel exhaustion after fuel system had been modified. Ladd Sanger*
Piper PA-23-250 Private Plane Bimini, Bahamas May., 2010 2 Shortly after takeoff from South Bimini Airport, while flying at a low altitude, airplane collided with power lines and crashed. Ladd Sanger
Piper PA-28-140 Private Plane Arcadia, Indiana May., 1997 3 Aircraft crashed shortly after takeoff resulting in burns to passenger. Ladd Sanger*
Piper PA-28R-180 Private Plane Columbia, California May., 2004 2 Loss of engine power after takeoff. Ladd Sanger
Piper PA-30 Private Plane Ozona, Texas Oct., 2001 4 Aircraft tried to land on parking lot after running out of fuel, but crashed into shopping center. Ladd Sanger*
Piper PA-30 Private Plane Amarillo, Texas Feb., 2010 2 Airplane impacted terrain and a warehouse building, shortly after takeoff from Tradewind Airport in Amarillo, Texas. Mark Pierce
Piper PA-30 Private Plane Port Mansfield, Texas Dec., 2009 2 Airplane crashed into water on approach to airport. Ladd Sanger
Piper PA-31-T1 Private Plane Graham, Texas Nov., 2001 4 Aircraft crashed on approach to the Graham airport. Ladd Sanger
Piper PA-32R-301 Private Plane Jacksonville, Maryland Mar., 2007 3 Aircraft crashed after reported autopilot problem Mike Slack, Ladd Sanger, Mark Pierce
Piper PA-32R-301T Private Plane Magdalena, New Mexico Jul., 1999 2 In-flight structural failure. Ladd Sanger*
Piper PA-32RT-300 Private Plane Guerrero, Mexico Jan., 2005 2 Carbon monoxide poisoning due to faulty heat exchanger. Ladd Sanger
Piper PA-46-350P Private Plane Waldron, Arkansas Apr., 1999 1 Aircraft with less than 100 hours total time suffered in-flight structural failure. Ladd Sanger*
Piper PA-46-350P Private Plane Augusta, Georgia Aug., 2000 3 Aircraft was unable to climb after takeoff and crashed into wall near end of the runway. Ladd Sanger*
Piper PA-46-500TP Private Plane Mendoza, Texas Dec., 2009 2 Aircraft departed controlled flight on approach to landing. Mike Slack, Mark Pierce
Piper PA-60-602P Private Plane Beaumont, Texas Jul., 1998 2 Cabin door opened on takeoff; pilot made emergency crash landing. Mike Slack
Socata TB-20 Trinidad Private Plane Roanoke, Virginia Dec., 1997 1 Engine failure shortly after takeoff. Pilot declared an emergency but was unable to return to airport. Ladd Sanger*
Swearingen SA-226T Private Flight Teterboro, New Jersey May., 2005 1 Aircraft crashed on landing after suffering problem with Honeywell TPE 331 engine Ladd Sanger
Westwind II IA-1124 Charter Plane Guatemala City, Guatemala Feb., 1997 5 Controlled flight into terrain while executing a VOR DME arc approach at La Aurora International Airport for planned fuel stop. Ladd Sanger*