International Cases Handled

Make / Model of the Aircraft Airline Flight Location Date Casualties Circumstances Attorney
Aero Commander 685 Private Plane Apodaca, Mexico Dec., 2004 5 Crashed during takeoff. Ladd Sanger
Aerospatiale Concorde Air France Flight 4590 Paris, France Jul., 2000 119 Crashed shortly after takeoff due to ruptured fuel tank. Ladd Sanger*
Aerostar Private Plane Tijuana, Mexico Nov., 2011 0 Airplane crashed into shop. Ladd Sanger
Airbus A320 Gulf Air Flight 72 Bahrain Aug., 2000 143 Airbus crashed on approach. Ladd Sanger*
Airbus A330-203 Air France Flight 447 Atlantic Ocean Jun., 2009 228 Crash of commercial flight en route from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Paris, France. Ladd Sanger, Mike Slack
Airbus A340-300 Lufthansa Flight 440 Landed in Houston, Texas after severe turbulence over Walnut Ridge, Arkansas+C30 Aug., 2003 46 Transatlantic flight from Frankfurt to Houston encountered severe turbulence over Arkansas; aircraft continued to Houston. Ladd Sanger
Antonov 26B-100 Charter Flight Balad , Iraq Jan., 2007 3 Aircraft crash on approach after mechanical failures Ladd Sanger
Beechcraft Mentor T34B Dominican Air Force Aircraft San Isidro, Dominican Republic Jun., 1999 2 Dominican Air Force test flight after engine overhaul. Incorrect fuel pump had been installed, causing engine to fail. Ladd Sanger*
Bell 206B-3 Charter Helicopters British Columbia, Canada Feb., 1994 5 Operating on visual flight rules, plane crashed into mountain in thick fog and instrument conditions. Mike Slack, Donna Bowen
Bell 206L-3 Charter helicopter Antigua, Guatemala Apr., 2012 0 Flight carrying documentary photographer crashed into terrain. Ladd Sanger
Bell 407 Offshore Helicopters Gulf of Mexico Feb., 2003 5 Helicopters crashed following catastrophic engine failure. Mike Slack, Ladd Sanger
Bell 412EP Charter Santa Cruz, Peru Mar., 2008 10 Helicopter ferrying passengers from a copper mine impacted remote, mountainous terrain. Ladd Sanger
Bell OH 58-D U.S. Army Helicopters Kandahar, Afghanistan Jun., 2008 2 Loss of power caused by failure of Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) unit resulted in crash that killed two U.S. service members Mark Pierce, Ladd Sanger
Boeing 737-800 GOL Flight 1907 Azevedo, Brazil Sep., 2006 154 Mid air collision between Gol flight 1907 and Embraer Legacy 600 jet over Amazon jungle Ladd Sanger
Boeing 737-823 American Airlines Flight 331 Kingston, Jamaica Dec., 2009 0 Pilot overran runway while landing at the Norman Manley International Airport. Numerous injuries. Mike Slack, Ladd Sanger
Cessna 206 Private Plane Monterrey, Mexico Feb., 2001 1 In instrument conditions, aircraft crashed on approach to airport. Ladd Sanger*
Cessna Caravan 208B Regional Airline Belize City, Belize Sep., 2008 0 Tropic Air plane crashed due to engine failure, resulting in passenger injuries. Ladd Sanger, Mark Pierce, Mike Slack
DeHavilland DHC-6-300 Regional Airline Tamarindo, Costa Rica Dec., 2005 0 Nature Air plane crashed on approach to Tamarindo Airport, resulting in injuries to passengers and crew. Ladd Sanger
Piper Colemill Navajo Private Plane Finca Primavera, Guatemala Apr., 1997 0 Left engine failed shortly after takeoff, resulting in crash and post-crash fire. Ladd Sanger*
Piper PA-23-250 Private Plane Bimini, Bahamas May., 2010 2 Shortly after takeoff from South Bimini Airport, while flying at a low altitude, airplane collided with power lines and crashed. Ladd Sanger
Piper PA-32R-301T Private Plane Magdalena, New Mexico Jul., 1999 2 In-flight structural failure. Ladd Sanger*
Piper PA-32RT-300 Private Plane Guerrero, Mexico Jan., 2005 2 Carbon monoxide poisoning due to faulty heat exchanger. Ladd Sanger
Robinson R-44 Charter Flight Sosua, Dominican Republic Oct., 2006 4 Helicopters main rotor blade delaminated in flight and severed tailboom Ladd Sanger
Robinson R44 II Private Helicopter Nowra Aerodrome, NSW, Australia Feb., 2012 2 Helicopter impacted terrain. Ladd Sanger
Sikorsky 76A++ Offshore Helicopters Transport Gulf of Mexico Apr., 2004 10 Under investigation; overloading suspected. Mike Slack, Ladd Sanger
Westwind II IA-1124 Charter Plane Guatemala City, Guatemala Feb., 1997 5 Controlled flight into terrain while executing a VOR DME arc approach at La Aurora International Airport for planned fuel stop. Ladd Sanger*