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In 1996, after the TWA crash which killed 230 people off Long Island, Congress passed the Aviation Disaster Family Assistance Act. This law requires that the families of airline accident victims be treated with care and respect.

Below are the key points:

  • Family members should be given time to notify other relatives before passengers’ names are made public.
  • Airlines must offer crisis counseling.
  • Airlines must make hotel rooms and food available.
  • Airlines must help family members retrieve dental records and X-rays to identify the victims.
  • Airlines must provide transportation to and from the crash site.
  • Airlines should consult family members about a memorial.

Under the federal Aviation Disaster Family Assistance Act, “… no unsolicited communication concerning a potential action for personal injury or wrongful death may be made by an attorney … to an individual injured in the accident, or to a relative of an individual involved in the accident, before the 45th day following the date of the accident.”

This prohibition covers attorneys (including any associate, agent, employee or other representative of an attorney) or any potential party to the litigation.

Our firm stands ready to assist you in your time of need, however, we respect the need of victims’ families for privacy. We will never contact you without your permission or legal representative’s authorization. Please contact our airline accident lawyers first to determine if we can be of assistance.