National Cases Handled

Make / Model of the Aircraft Airline Flight Location Date Casualties Circumstances Attorney
Aero Commander 500-B Private Plane Burns, Oregon Aug., 2010 2 Airplane crashed due to unknown conditions. Mike Slack
Aero Commander 690A Private Plane Yakima, Washington Dec., 1997 2 On visual approach, aircraft crashed short of runway. Ladd Sanger*
Aerospatiale AS 350B2 Medical Helicopters / Air Ambulance Roswell, New Mexico Oct., 2001 4 Crashed during training flight. $3.2 million verdict in September 2003 on behalf of family of New Mexico State Police Officer killed in crash. Verdict reversed on appeal June 22, 2005; remanded to State Court. $3.2 million verdict returned in July 2006. Mike Slack
Aerospatiale AS 350BA Charter Helicopters Galveston, Texas Jul., 1994 5 In-flight failure of rotor pitch control servo. Ladd Sanger*
Aerospatiale AS 355F1 Sightseeing Charter Helicopters Maui, Hawaii Jul., 2000 7 Blue Hawaii tour Helicopters crashed in adverse weather conditions. Ladd Sanger*
Aerospatiale AS 365N2 Corporate Helicopters Indianapolis, Indiana May., 1997 2 Passenger hit in head by main rotor after disembarking Helicopters. Ladd Sanger*
Agusta A109 K2 Medical Helicopters / Air Ambulance Salt Lake City, Utah Jan., 2003 3 Crashed while attempting to pick-up patient in adverse weather conditions. Mike Slack
Air Tractor AT-502B Agricultural aircraft test flight Farwell, Texas Sep., 2003 1 On a test flight, aircraft crashed after entering an inverted flat spin. Mike Slack
Airbus A300B4-605R American Airlines Flight 587 Belle Harbor, New York Nov., 2001 265 Vertical stabilizer and rudder separated from aircraft. Slack Davis Sanger represents more than 30 clients related to this disaster. Mike Slack, Ladd Sanger
Aircraft Mfg & Dev. Co. (AMD) Zodiac CH601XLi Private Plane Farmersville, Texas Aug., 2008 1 Inadvertent tail stall and subsequent loss of airplane control as a result of the open canopy. Led to hard landing and injuries. Ladd Sanger
American Champion 7GCBC/Citabria Private Plane Wichita Falls, Texas Sep., 2008 1 Airplane experienced loss of engine power due to carburetor icing. Ladd Sanger
ATR-72-212 American Eagle Flight 4184 Roselawn, Indiana Oct., 1994 68 After circling Chicago O’Hare for an hour, ice built up on wings. Mike Slack
Aveko SRO VL-3 LSA Private Plane Boyd, Texas May., 2010 0 Propeller blade separated in flight and Ballistic Recovery System (BRS) failed to deploy. Mike Slack, Ladd Sanger. John Jose
BAE Jetstream 32 American Connection Flight 5966 Kirksville, Missouri Oct., 2004 13 Plane crashed in woods short of airport. Slack Davis Sanger successfully represented one of two survivors. Mike Slack, Ladd Sanger, Donna Bowen
Beech 100 Private Plane Aurora, Texas Oct., 2009 0 Airplane crash due to engine failure, which resulted in pilot / passenger injuries. Mike Slack, John Jose
Beech 1900 U.S. Airways Express Flight 5481 Charlotte, North Carolina Jan., 2003 21 Under investigation; overloading suspected. Mike Slack
Beech 23 Private Plane Macon, Georgia Jan., 2000 2 Aircraft crashed following a loss of engine power. Ladd Sanger*
Beech 35C33 Private Plane Tolar, Texas Jul., 2010 3 Airplane crashed while flying at night over a rural area. Ladd Sanger
Beech 76 Private Plane Fort Worth, Texas Oct., 2011 0 Airplane crashed due to engine failure. Mike Slack, Ladd Sanger
Beech A36 Private Plane Mabank, Texas Oct., 2012 4 Airplane impacted terrain during descent. Michael Slack
Beech B60 Private Plane Sedona, Arizona Jul., 2012 3 Attempted take-off, runway overrun and post-crash fire. Ladd Sanger
Beech E-55 Private Plane Broken Bow, Nebraska Mar., 2012 1 Crashed while landing, due to improper fuel management. Ladd Sanger
Beech Queen Air BE70 Universal Airways Flight 76 Air Taxi Gulfport, Mississippi Mar., 1979 8 Nose baggage door opened in flight and was struck by left propeller. Tom Davis*
Beechcraft 1900 Private Plane Eagleton, Arkansas Dec., 2002 3 Aircraft collided with terrain during approach. Ladd Sanger
Beechcraft A45 (T-34B) Training Flight Montgomery, Texas Dec., 2004 2 Wing separated from aircraft during upset recovery training. Ladd Sanger
Beechcraft Baron 58P Private Flight Marietta, Oklahoma Mar., 2007 4 Aircraft crashed on dirt runway during landing Mike Slack
Beechcraft Baron 95-B55 Private Plane Houston, Texas May., 2000 6 Pilot did not remove control lock prior to attempting to takeoff. Ladd Sanger
Beechcraft Baron 95-B55 Training Flight Dallas, Texas Oct., 2001 2 Crashed in flat spin while on training flight. Ladd Sanger*
Beechcraft Bonanza A36 Private Plane New Vienna, Iowa Mar., 2003 3 Structural failure in flight. Ladd Sanger
Beechcraft Bonanza A36 Private Plane Camden, Arkansas Aug., 1992 1 New aircraft on delivery flight suffered in-flight structural failure. Ladd Sanger*
Beechcraft Bonanza A36 Training Flight Sedona, Arizona Apr., 2003 3 Training flight. Slack Davis Sanger represented the family of a young man who was training to be a commercial pilot.
Beechcraft Bonanza D35 Private Plane Nacogdoches, Texas Mar., 2002 3 Failure of fuel pump drive pin resulted in total loss of engine power. Ladd Sanger
Beechcraft Bonanza V35 Private Plane De Funiak Springs, Florida Jul., 2005 1 In-flight engine failure. Ladd Sanger
Beechcraft Duchess BE76 FAA Checkride Frisco, Texas May., 1998 2 Aircraft undergoing FAA practical test for multi-engine rating crashed and burned. Ladd Sanger*
Beechcraft King Air B200 Alaska Army National Guard Juneau, Alaska Nov., 1992 8 Pilot error. Confidential settlement on behalf of five families reached in 2002. Tom Davis, Mike Slack
Beechcraft King Air B200 OSU Basketball Charter / Tour Denver, Colorado Jan., 2001 10 Aircraft Charter / Toured by OSU Basketball team crashed shortly after takeoff. Ladd Sanger*
Beechcraft King Air E90 Private Flight New Roads, Louisiana Jun., 2005 5 Aircraft landed hard and exploded in post crash fire Ladd Sanger
Behne Glasair III Private Plane Byron, California Oct., 2012 2 Airplane impacted terrain. Ladd Sanger
Bell 206A Helicopters Rio Hondo, Texas Mar., 1998 2 Engine compartment fire resulted in separation of the tailboom in flight. Ladd Sanger*
Bell 206B News Gathering Helicopters Grand Prairie, Texas Jul., 2007 2 During news gathering flight Helicopters suffered total power loss and crashed during forced autorotation Ladd Sanger
Bell 206B Charter Helicopters North Slope, Alaska Sep., 1996 1 Helicopters crashed in low visibility. Ladd Sanger*
Bell 206B Charter Helicopters Elkhorn, Wisconsin Aug., 1990 5 Blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan died in this crash. Slack Davis Sanger represented his family. Mike Slack, Mike Davis, Tom Davis
Bell 206B Media Traffic Helicopters Walnut Hill, Texas Apr., 2002 1 KVIL Radio-branded Helicopters crashed due to improper maintenance and oversight. Ladd Sanger
Bell 206B Private Helicopters Mineral Wells, Texas Jan., 2001 1 Aircraft crashed while performing an autorotation. Ladd Sanger*
Bell 206B External Load Operations Huffman, Texas May., 2005 5 External load cable caught equipment during takeoff. Ladd Sanger
Bell 206B-3 Charter Helicopters Houston, Texas May., 1991 4 Drive shaft failure and subsequent crash into apartments. Helicopters drive shaft failed due to poor maintenance. Recovery on behalf of our clients is confidential. On-board video equipment recorded crash sequence. Mike Slack, Donna Bowen
Bell 206B-3 Helicopters Training Flight Hurst, Texas Dec., 2000 2 Training flight landing incident. Ladd Sanger*
Bell 206L Charter Helicopters Anchorage, Alaska Oct., 2001 5 Pilot flew too low in falling snow, with low ceilings, whiteout/grayout conditions and flat/glassy water. Mike Slack
Bell 206L Medical Helicopters / Air Ambulance Skidmore (Beeville), Texas Jan., 2002 2 Two EMTs suffered serious injuries in crash-F64 landing resulting from engine failure. Mike Slack
Bell 206L-1 Offshore Helicopters Cameron, Louisiana Jul., 2004 1 Helicopters crashed into Gulf of Mexico. Ladd Sanger
Bell 206L-1 Medical Helicopters / Air Ambulance Gentry, Arkansas Feb., 2005 1 Patient injured in motor vehicle accident is killed during air ambulance trip to the hospital. Mark Pierce, Mike Slack
Bell 206L-4 News Gathering Helicopter Conroe, Texas Oct., 2008 2 News helicopter crashed en route to cover a news story. Ladd Sanger
Bell 407 Air Ambulance Flight Huntsville, Texas Jun., 2008 4 Helicopters crashed at night while transporting patient to hospital. Mike Slack, Ladd Sanger, Mark Pierce
Bell 407 Search and Rescue Helicopters Broadus, Texas Mar., 2003 5 Helicopters crashed while searching for debris after Columbia Space Shuttle disaster. Mike Slack
Bell 407 Helicopters Test Flight Kerrville, Texas Sep., 1996 2 Maintenance test flight by a Bell test pilot. Engine failed due to defective wiring harness. Ladd Sanger*
Bell Shelby 47G Helicopters Checkride Ardmore, Oklahoma May., 2003 2 Throttle control cable broke during checkride with FAA examiner. Ladd Sanger
Boeing 444 Chinook (CH-47D) U.S. Army Helicopters Florence, Texas Apr., 1995 5 Incorrect maintenance instructions. Recovery on behalf of clients is confidential. Mike Slack, Donna Bowen
Boeing 737-200 AirTran Airways Flight 890 Atlanta, Georgia Nov., 1998 13 Emergency landing and evacuation of aircraft. Ladd Sanger*
Boeing 737-291 United Airlines Flight 585 Colorado Springs, Colorado Mar., 1991 25 Unexpected reversal of the rudder. Mike Slack, Tom Davis
Boeing 737-524 Continental Airlines Flight 1404 Denver, Colorado Dec., 2008 0 Airplane departed left side of runway during takeoff from Denver International Airport. A postcrash fire ensued, resulting in numerous passenger injuries. Mike Slack
Boeing 747-131 Trans World Airlines Flight 800 East Moriches, New York Jul., 1996 230 Explosion of the center-wing fuel tank. Ladd Sanger*
Boeing 767-366-ER Egypt Air Flight 990 Nantucket Island Oct., 1999 217 Crashed into the Atlantic due to the relief first officer’s intentional flight control inputs. Ladd Sanger*
Bumford-Royer Christen Eagle II Private Plane Pearland, Texas Apr., 2012 0 Plane crashed after takeoff from Pearland Regional Airport. Ladd Sanger
Cessna 150L Private Plane Needville, Texas Jan., 1995 2 Crashed near airport after making low-level pass. Ladd Sanger*
Cessna 172B Private Plane Denton, Texas Jul., 2002 2 Pilot was unable to stop on runway. Ladd Sanger
Cessna 172N Private Plane Deerfield Beach, Florida Jun., 2003 5 Mid-air collision of two private planes over the ocean. Ladd Sanger*
Cessna 172S Private Plane Longmont, Colorado Mar., 2012 2 Mid-air collision. Ladd Sanger
Cessna 177RG Private Plane Covington, Georgia Sep., 1998 0 Aircraft’s engine failed in flight due to improper reassembly. Ladd Sanger*
Cessna 177RG Private Plane Fargo, North Dakota Feb., 2005 2 Aircraft’s engine failed on take off due to improper installation of oil filter. Ladd Sanger
Cessna 182L Private Plane Noble, Oklahoma May., 2000 2 Mid-air collision. Ladd Sanger
Cessna 182P Private Plane Taos, New Mexico Nov., 2000 2 Crashed while maneuvering in canyon. Ladd Sanger*
Cessna 182P Private Plane Yucca, Arizona Oct., 2012 1 Impacted terrain during first flight following mechanical inspection. Ladd Sanger, Michael Slack
Cessna 182Q Private Plane Deerfield Beach, Florida Jun., 2003 5 Mid-air collision of two private planes over the ocean. Ladd Sanger
Cessna 182S Private Plane Fayetteville, Arkansas Mar., 2003 2 Operated by the Cessna Employees Flying Club of Wichita, Kansas. Ladd Sanger
Cessna 195 Private Plane St. Augustine, Florida Dec., 2005 3 Aircraft crashed in ocean following engine failure. Mark Pierce, Ladd Sanger
Cessna 208B Charter Flight Dillingham, Alaska Oct., 2001 10 Ice contamination caused crash on takeoff. Mike Slack
Cessna 208B Private Plane Parks, Arizona Nov., 2002 4 Loss of control following icing encounter. Mike Slack, Ladd Sanger, Donna Bowen
Cessna 208B Contract Flight Round Rock, Texas Oct., 2005 1 Crash due to engine failure and loss of power Mike Slack
Cessna 210 Private Plane Clarendon, Texas Dec., 2003 2 Forced landing from 8,000 feet due to smoke from engine cowling. Ladd Sanger*
Cessna 210L Private Plane Mack, Colorado May., 2000 2 Operating on visual flight rules, plane crashed into mountain in instrument conditions. Ladd Sanger
Cessna 401 Private Plane Chanute, Kansas May., 2012 4 Crash as result of cabin heater malfunction. Ladd Sanger, Michael Slack
Cessna 404 Scenic Airlines Flight 306 Grand Canyon, Arizona Jul., 1980 8 Defect in the engine’s turbocharger, according to lawsuit filed by pilot’s widow. Tom Davis*
Cessna 414A Private Plane Hayden, Colorado Feb., 2012 2 Airplane impacted terrain on landing. Michael Slack
Cessna 421B Air Ambulance Alpine, Texas Jul., 2010 5 Airplane impacted terrain shortly after takeoff. Mike Slack
Cessna 421B Private Plane Fort Worth, Texas Sep., 2012 0 Crashed shortly after take-off due to open cargo door. Ladd Sanger
Cessna Citation 550 Air Ambulance Flight Milwaukee, Wisconsin Jun., 2007 6 Aircraft crashed while on organ transplant flight Mike Slack, Mark Pierce, Ladd Sanger
Cessna P210 Private Plane Paint Lick, Kentucky Nov., 2004 1 Catastrophic in-flight engine failure. Mike Slack, Ladd Sanger
Cessna T210L Private Plane Abita Springs, Louisiana Dec., 2004 2 Loss of engine power. Mike Slack, Ladd Sanger
Christen Eagle II Private Plane Tyler, Texas Nov., 2000 2 Pilot was performing aerobatic maneuvers at a low altitude. Ladd Sanger*
Eurocopter AS 350BA Medical Helicopters / Air Ambulance La Gloria, Texas (near Harlingen) Jun., 1998 3 Pilot became lost way en route to accident scene and crashed. Confidential recovery on behalf of clients. Mike Slack
Eurocopter AS 350BA Sightseeing Helicopters Juneau, Alaska Jun., 1999 7 Sightseeing tour to cruise ship passenger. Crashed on glacier. Ladd Sanger
Eurocopter AS 355N Corporate Helicopters League City, Texas May., 2004 4 Forced landing after reported loss of engine power. Ladd Sanger
Eurocopter AS350-B3 Training Flight Santa Teresa, New Mexico May., 2006 2 During manual governor training, the twist grip solenoid overheated causing it to seize in the manual position Mike Slack, Ladd Sanger, Mark Pierce
Eurocopter AS350-B3 Public Use Law Enforcement San Elizario, Texas May., 2007 2 Helicopters crashed during air interdiction flight Ladd Sanger, Mark Pierce, Mike Slack
Eurocopter AS350BZ Medical Helicopter / Air Ambulance Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Feb., 2013 2 Medical helicopter crash with post-crash fire. Ladd Sanger, Michael Slack
Eurocopter EC130B4 Medical Helicopter / Air Ambulance Seminole, Oklahoma Jan., 2013 0 Loss of engine power due to ice ingestion. Ladd Sanger
Hawker Siddeley Charter / Tour San Diego, California Mar., 1991 10 Members of Reba McEntire’s band died in this crash. Recovery on behalf of clients is confidential. Mike Davis*, Tom Davis*
Hawker-Beech BE-200 King Air Maintenance on corporate airplane Taylor, Texas Apr., 2008 1 Mechanic was killed when struck by an airplane door that opened under cabin pressurization. Mike Slack, Ladd Sanger, Mark Pierce
Hughes 369D Power Line Charter / Tour Columbus, Montana May., 2007 3 Helicopters’s engine failed during power line operations resulting in forced autorotation Ladd Sanger
Hughes OH-6A Helicopters Training Flight Newark, Texas Sep., 1998 2 Helicopters crashed during DEA training flight and was consumed by post-crash fire. Ladd Sanger*
Lancair Private Plane n/a Dec., 2000 0 Lawsuit for improper assembly of kit plane. Ladd Sanger*
Learjet 25D Charter aircraft Houston, Texas Dec., 2001 2 Aircraft crashed on positioning flight to pick up Charter customers at Intercontinental Airport. Ladd Sanger*
Learjet 60 Dallas Cowboys Corporate Troy, Alabama Jan., 2001 2 Collision with deer during landing roll resulted in failure of thrust reversal system. Ladd Sanger*
Lockheed L-1011-385-1 Delta Flight 191 Dallas / Fort Worth Airport Aug., 1985 163 Wind shear during violent thunderstorm. Firm represented the families of six deceased passengers. Mike Davis*, Tom Davis*
McDonnell Douglas 369FF Sightseeing Helicopters Haena, Hawaii Mar., 2007 5 Helicopters’s tail rotor failed and tailrotor gearbox separated from Helicopters inflight Ladd Sanger
McDonnell Douglas DC-9 AirTran Airways Flight 956 Atlanta, Georgia Nov., 2000 13 Aircraft made an emergency landing. Ladd Sanger*
McDonnell Douglas DC-9 Valujet Flight 592 Florida Everglades May., 1996 110 Walter Hyatt, noted musician, died in this crash. Oxygen canisters that were mistakenly labeled “empty” exploded in cargo area during flight. Mike Slack, Mike Davis
McDonnell Douglas MD-369E Power Line Charter / Tour Bloomfield, New Mexico May., 2000 2 Helicopters hit power line while maneuvering a ravine. Ladd Sanger*
McDonnell Douglas MD-82 American Airlines Flight 1420 Little Rock, Arkansas Jun., 1999 121 Pilot error. Recovery on behalf of clients is confidential. Mike Slack
MD-500 Power line maintenance Missouri Mar., 2001 1 Worker carried below Helicopters on sling was flown into power lines, resulting in electrocution. Ladd Sanger*
Merlin (SA-226T) Corporate checkflight Santa Fe, New Mexico May., 1993 4 Crashed during training flight. Ladd Sanger*
Mitsubishi MU-2B-25 Private Plane Hillsboro, Oregon May., 2005 4 Aircraft crashed shortly after takeoff. Ladd Sanger
Mitsubishi MU-2B-26A Private Plane San Antonio, Texas Jan., 2000 2 Right engine failed immediately after takeoff. Ladd Sanger
Mitsubishi MU-2B-30 Private Plane Alamogordo, New Mexico Jun., 1992 6 Pilot error due to inadequate assistance navigating mountainous terrain. Recovery on behalf of clients is confidential. Tom Davis
Mitsubishi MU-2B-36 Charter Cargo Flight West Memphis, Arkansas Sep., 2005 1 Crashed during return to airport. Ladd Sanger
Mitsubishi MU-2B-40 Private Plane The Woodlands, Texas May., 2001 2 In-flight separation of tip tank resulted in unrecoverable spin. Ladd Sanger
Mitsubishi MU-2B-60 Private Plane Ft. Pierce, Florida Jun., 2006 1 Aircraft crash shortly after takeoff Ladd Sanger
Mitsubishi MU-2B-60 Charter Cargo Flight Ferndale, Maryland May., 2004 1 Aircraft crashed on approach to landing. Ladd Sanger
Mitsubishi MU-2B-60 Charter Cargo Flight Englewood, Colorado Dec., 2004 2 Aircraft crashed during emergency landing. Ladd Sanger
Mitsubishi MU-2B-60 Charter Amarillo, Texas Feb., 2010 0 Airplane crashed while landing, which resulted in pilot / passenger injuries. Ladd Sanger
Mooney M203 Private Plane Angel Fire, New Mexico Mar., 2013 4 Airplane impacted terrain during high wind conditions. Ladd Sanger, Michael Slack
Mooney M20C Private Plane Sparta, Tennessee Nov., 1997 2 Pilot error, inadvertent VFR flight into instrument meteorological conditions. Ladd Sanger*
Mooney M20D Private Plane Pagosa Springs, Colorado Sep., 2004 1 Aircraft crashed during takeoff run. Ladd Sanger
North American SNJ-6 Aerobatic Flight Kissimmee, Florida May., 2005 2 In-flight separation of the right wing. Mike Slack, Ladd Sanger
North American T-28B Private Plane Waxahachie, Texas Jul., 2009 0 Total loss of engine power led to hard landing and serious injuries. Ladd Sanger
North American/Aero Classics P-51D Aerobatic Flight Reno, Nevada Sep., 2011 11 Airplane impacted terrain following a loss of control while maneuvering at Reno National Championship Air Races. Mike Slack, Ladd Sanger
Piper Aztec PA-23-250 Private Plane Baker, Florida Jun., 2004 2 Flight into thunderstorm caused in-flight breakup of airplane. Mark Pierce
Piper Cherokee 180 Private Plane Bonham, Texas Mar., 2003 1 Plane ran out of gas because an unapproved fuel selector valve handle was installed on the aircraft. Ladd Sanger
Piper PA 46 500 TP Private Plane Paris, Texas Jan., 2013 3 Impacted terrain shortly after departure, due to weather. Ladd Sanger
Piper PA-23 Charter Plane Cotulla, Texas Oct., 2000 2 Aircraft crashed due to fuel exhaustion after fuel system had been modified. Ladd Sanger*
Piper PA-28-140 Private Plane Arcadia, Indiana May., 1997 3 Aircraft crashed shortly after takeoff resulting in burns to passenger. Ladd Sanger*
Piper PA-28R-180 Private Plane Columbia, California May., 2004 2 Loss of engine power after takeoff. Ladd Sanger
Piper PA-30 Private Plane Ozona, Texas Oct., 2001 4 Aircraft tried to land on parking lot after running out of fuel, but crashed into shopping center. Ladd Sanger*
Piper PA-30 Private Plane Amarillo, Texas Feb., 2010 2 Airplane impacted terrain and a warehouse building, shortly after takeoff from Tradewind Airport in Amarillo, Texas. Mark Pierce
Piper PA-30 Private Plane Port Mansfield, Texas Dec., 2009 2 Airplane crashed into water on approach to airport. Ladd Sanger
Piper PA-31-T1 Private Plane Graham, Texas Nov., 2001 4 Aircraft crashed on approach to the Graham airport. Ladd Sanger
Piper PA-32R-301 Private Plane Jacksonville, Maryland Mar., 2007 3 Aircraft crashed after reported autopilot problem Mike Slack, Ladd Sanger, Mark Pierce
Piper PA-46-350P Private Plane Waldron, Arkansas Apr., 1999 1 Aircraft with less than 100 hours total time suffered in-flight structural failure. Ladd Sanger*
Piper PA-46-350P Private Plane Augusta, Georgia Aug., 2000 3 Aircraft was unable to climb after takeoff and crashed into wall near end of the runway. Ladd Sanger*
Piper PA-46-500TP Private Plane Mendoza, Texas Dec., 2009 2 Aircraft departed controlled flight on approach to landing. Mike Slack, Mark Pierce
Piper PA-60-602P Private Plane Beaumont, Texas Jul., 1998 2 Cabin door opened on takeoff; pilot made emergency crash landing. Mike Slack
Robinson R-44 Raven II Private Flight Fredericksburg, Texas Apr., 2006 4 Helicopters struck wire and burned in post crash fire Ladd Sanger, Mike Slack
Robinson R22 BETA Charter Helicopters Houston, Texas Mar., 1999 2 Loss of control of Helicopters on Charter photo flight while hovering out of ground effect. Ladd Sanger*
Schwiezer 269C Instructional Flight Denton, Texas Apr., 2006 2 Helicopters crash during practice autorotation Ladd Sanger
Socata TB-20 Trinidad Private Plane Roanoke, Virginia Dec., 1997 1 Engine failure shortly after takeoff. Pilot declared an emergency but was unable to return to airport. Ladd Sanger*
Swearingen SA-226T Private Flight Teterboro, New Jersey May., 2005 1 Aircraft crashed on landing after suffering problem with Honeywell TPE 331 engine Ladd Sanger