Burn Injuries

Burn injuries often result from job-related incidents, plane crashes, automobile accidents, electrical burns or chemical burns. Cases involving serious second- or third-degree burn injuries require a legal team with the resources and expertise to conduct detailed investigations into the incident’s cause and origin.

A vehicle may catch fire after a wreck because of a defect in its fuel system or design. A house fire may be caused by a negligent contractor’s faulty wiring or a manufacturer’s defective product. A chemical burn may be caused by a company that failed to label a dangerous product or a chemical that was stored improperly. Without an independent investigation, it is difficult to know who is truly responsible for your burn injury, and consequently, who should be held accountable.

Slack Davis Sanger personal injury attorneys have the legal experience and technical knowledge necessary to handle complex cases that involve burn injuries. We work with experts who can identify the reasons fires and explosions occur – as well as professionals who understand the medical aspects of a client’s injury and rehabilitation.

Our full-time, on-site legal nurse consultant, Kristy May, R.N., with 23 years of medical and hospital background, provides additional insight to help bridge the gap between legal and medical disciplines. With a bachelor of science degree in nursing from The University of Texas at Austin, Kristy provides patient-care expertise, allowing our attorneys to view the case from many different perspectives. Kristy’s ability to interact with leading medical experts in order to review the details of burn-injury cases has been an important aspect of the due diligence that Slack Davis Sanger provides. Contact us to find out more. (Related information: Head Injuries.)

American Burn Association