Construction Site Cases

Selected Construction Site and Workplace Accident Case Profiles
Following are summaries of recent or current cases litigated by Slack & Davis workplace injury and construction site attorneys. Recoveries were made on behalf of:

  • A man killed as a result of a boiler explosion at his workplace.
  • A man killed while working on a cotton picker that came into contact with a low-hanging power line. Our claim was against the decedent’s employer and the utility company.
  • A man who lost eight fingers in a pulley, while operating a machine that manufactured cement blocks. Our lawsuit contended that the manufacturer should have designed the machine with a safety guard around the pulley.
  • A construction site worker severely injured when a cold planer crushed him beneath its front track. Defendants included the equipment manufacturer as well as the supervising entity for various acts and omissions of negligence.

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  • A client who fell from a scaffold while installing a mural at a city-owned public facility.
  • A client, a contract employee, who was injured in a fall from scaffolding negligently erected and maintained by a homebuilder.
  • Multiple clients who suffered serious, debilitating bodily injuries in a scaffolding collapse while performing asbestos removal at a local high school.

If you have questions about a construction site or workplace accident in which you or someone you know were seriously injured, please contact our office.