Head Injuries


A closed head injury occurs when a sudden or violent motion causes the brain to knock against the inside of the skull – for example, when the head strikes the windshield of a car. Although there may be no physical signs of injury, the brain can swell inside the skull, putting pressure on tissues and nerves and causing permanent damage.

An open head injury occurs when an object penetrates the skull or when the skull is broken. In addition to physically damaging the brain, open head injuries invite infection in the open wound, which can complicate the condition.

Years ago, doctors believed that a closed head injury was less serious than a penetrating injury because it did not involve a skull fracture. But experience has shown that the closed head injury can be just as severe as the penetrating injury because of brain swelling and inflammation.

The damage from a closed head injury varies widely. Less serious injuries may result in a brief dazed feeling or in a momentary loss of consciousness. On the serious end of the spectrum, people can lose consciousness for hours, days or longer. Seizures may also occur. Another concern is that patients who have suffered a severe head injury often have other injured organs. For example, a head injury is sometimes accompanied by a spinal cord injury.

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