Full-time Nurse Consultant

Slack Davis Sanger understands the benefit of more informed analysis in complex personal injury cases. Our full-time, on-site legal nurse consultant, Kristy May, R.N., provides patient-care expertise, allowing our attorneys to view the case from many different perspectives. Kristy interviews clients, confers with medical experts, conducts medical and pharmacological research and collaborates with the attorneys and experts to prepare the case.

Kristy, with 23 years of medical and hospital background, bridges the gap between legal and medical disciplines. With a bachelor of science degree in nursing from The University of Texas at Austin, her areas of specialty include orthopedics, pharmacology, oncology, surgery, stem-cell transplant, peritoneal dialysis, risk management and quality assurance. Her background in nursing and hospital administration / risk management has brought added value to Slack Davis Sanger clients and cases as she communicates with medical experts, conveys the extent of injuries to defense lawyers and evaluates hospital reports and invoices.

Kristy’s ability to interact with leading medical and pharmaceutical experts in order to review the details of potential cases has been an important aspect of the due diligence that Slack Davis Sanger provides. Her understanding of drug effects and interactions as well as her knowledge of leading-edge medical procedures have helped Slack Davis Sanger attorneys successfully litigate cases against large companies such as Guidant Corporation, Smith & Nephew, Sulzer Orthopedics, American Home Products, Bayer, Merck, Wyeth and others.

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