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Many car and truck accidents are directly related to tire failures, which include tread / belt separation and tires separating from their rims. Unfortunately, these accidents – even when they occur at low speeds – can have disastrous results.

Tire failures can occur from improper maintenance, for example from over- or under-inflating or from not having tires adequately rotated. However, many tire failures result from tire manufacturers and distributors selling faulty tires that feature poor materials, defects or design flaws.

Poor quality and failure to comply with safety standards are known problems in the tire manufacturing industry. Many manufacturing defects could be significantly reduced by appropriate adhesion, proper manufacturing practices and adequate quality control. Some plant practices that contribute to tread belt separation include improper curing, the use of over aged “dry” rubber stock, use of petroleum solvent on tire components prior to vulcanization, failure to use a nylon cap or nylon overlay over the belt edges, inadequate final inspection and an emphasis on production quantity over quality and safety.

There also is a problem with manufacturers or distributors selling old tires. Never-used spares and tires stored on shelves at dealers break down just like tires in use. When it comes to storage and distribution, buying a “new” tire, only to have it fail because it is actually six years old, may be cause for claims against the seller and manufacturer.

Slack Davis Sanger products liability and tire blowout attorneys, led by Mike Davis, have successfully represented clients injured as a result of tire failures. Our firm has the skill, experience and resources to handle complex cases against careless manufacturers and to hold them responsible for their products. Slack Davis Sanger charges no fees to plaintiffs in auto product liability cases unless we make a successful recovery. Contact the product liability and tire failure lawyers at Slack Davis Sanger to learn more.

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