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Rhode Island Aviation and Economy

Rhode Island is the smallest state in the country yet it packs a lot of history into its borders. It was the first of the original 13 colonies to declare independence from Britain’s rule. Bristol, Rhode Island to this day has the oldest continuously celebrated Fourth of July celebration in the United States and its parade attracts visitors from all over the country. Providence, the largest city as well as Rhode Island’s capital, is responsible for much of the state’s economy.

Nicknamed “The Ocean State” because of its geography, Rhode Island has several large bays and inlets. It shares a water boundary with Long Island, so boating is a popular pastime in the area. Many east coast residents and tourists have summer homes along the coast to take advantage of the proximity to the ocean and bays, one of which is Greenwich Bay, which is part of Narragansett Bay.

Rhode Island is mostly flat and sits at sea level. The highest point is Jerimoth Hill, standing at 812 feet above sea level. One of the largest bays in the Ocean State is Narragansett Bay, with more than 30 islands within its boundaries. Of those, Aquidneck Island is the largest. Its official name is Rhode Island, but is referred to as Aquidneck Island so as to differentiate it from the mainland.

Many of the islands in Narragansett Bay are accessible only by ferry or airplane, such as Block Island – and therefore Block Island Airport. General aviation is responsible for creating jobs, fostering business travel and helping Rhode Island residents with their commutes. Both business jets and small, single-engine planes are able to utilize the state’s public airports daily, including T.F. Green Airport. Because of its proximity to New York City and other major metropolitan cities, aviation is a convenient travel option for business owners.

Industrial conglomerate, Textron, is headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island. Textron is the parent company for aviation mainstays, such as Bell Helicopter and Cessna Aircraft. Beechcraft Corporation was recently purchased by Textron as well, adding to the value aviation plays in Rhode Island’s economy. In addition to the manufacturing and maintenance jobs the companies support, they also make air travel possible for visitors and residents. Because of this, tourism is the second largest industry in Rhode Island and it supports almost 40,000 jobs.

Rhode Island Airports

On August 31, 1986, Chuck Berry, Tommy James and Bob Hope all performed on the tarmac of the Quonset State Airport. They were celebrating the 350th anniversary of the founding of Rhode Island. Quonset State Airport is a public-use airport that is also home to military aviation for the Army National Guard and the Air National Guard.

According to the FAA, there are eight public-use airports and approximately 30 heliports in Rhode Island. Airplane and helicopter maintenance is one of the most important pieces of aviation, and Rhode Island has five repair stations that can handle all FAA-mandated repairs. For those interested in learning how to fly, there are three FAA-approved flight schools across the state, such as Horizon Aviation, Inc.

Airplane Crash Rhode Island

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