In most standard lawsuits, you as an individual are submitting a claim against another individual or company you believe has caused you injury—whether physical, emotional, or financial.

In a class action lawsuit, you are joining with other people who have similar claims and therefore similar interests in seeking justice. Bringing multiple claims together carries more weight than each person’s claim might on its own. In the event of a settlement, each person receives his or her share of the compensation.

In a whistleblower case, you are reporting a known fraud or unethical act—whether or not it has caused you harm personally. Whistleblowing—reporting on this fraud—is one of the best ways to combat corruption. Whistleblowers assist in moving society toward fairer treatment for workers, consumers, medical patients, and other groups who have been victimized by unfair policies, illegal acts, and other wrongdoings in the past.


Slack Davis Sanger Can Represent You in a Class Action or Whistleblower Lawsuit

Class action and whistleblower suits can be very complicated and tricky. Wealthy corporations and other similar entities tend to have near-unlimited financial and legal resources. All of these factors make it paramount that you hire an experienced, capable, and well-resourced attorney that can handle the many unique and complex requirements involved with carrying your lawsuit to a desirable conclusion.

Our team serves as passionate and experienced advocates for clients, determined to hold corporations accountable. Our skilled litigators can help you through all steps in the process, whether it’s advising you during the discovery phase or helping you understand what happens when a case goes to trial. We have extensive experience seeking proper compensation in class action suits or protection in whistleblower cases, and we will fight tirelessly on your behalf for justice.

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