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The biggest risk most people take on a daily basis is when we get into our cars. According to TXDOT, over 14,000 serious motor vehicle accidents occurred in 2016 in Texas alone, leaving almost 18,000 people with a serious injury. The experienced auto and truck accident lawyers at Slack Davis Sanger apply decades of knowledge obtained through working with victims of car crashes and their loved ones to seek fair compensation for clients who have suffered life-altering injuries.

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People are spending more time in cars than ever before, for both work and pleasure. Driving has become more dangerous over time, as we have seen an increase in the number of fatal crashes in proportion to miles on the road. Safety advocates link these troubling statistics to a combination of distracted driving and lax enforcement of seatbelt, speeding, and driving-while-intoxicated regulations.

The clients of Slack Davis Sanger depend on our highly knowledgeable team of auto and truck accident lawyers to represent them in the following types of auto and truck accident cases:

Automotive, Motorcycle, Truck, and Tractor-Trailer Crashes and Accidents

Over 250,000 Texans were injured in automotive collisions in 2016, with over 18,000 people seriously injured. Not a single day went by during that year without a death on a Texas roadway. A large percentage of crashes that resulted in serious injury involved a large commercial truck or tractor-trailer. Occupants of smaller vehicles will always be at a disadvantage when involved in a collision with an 18-wheeler, semi-truck, or tractor-trailer, as these larger vehicles often weigh 20 to 30 times more than an average passenger car. The skilled attorneys at Slack Davis Sanger have successfully represented hundreds of Texas victims and families looking for 18-wheeler accident lawyers and semi-truck accident lawyers to pursue justice in crashes involving personal injury or wrongful death.

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Bus and Van Crashes and Accidents

Because of each vehicle’s size and the number of passengers they can carry, collisions involving buses and vans can result in catastrophic injuries to multiple victims. In particular, 15-passenger vans are particularly dangerous due to issues with stability, restraints, and crashworthiness. As is the case with other crash statistics, fatal crashes involving buses across the country are on the rise, with an 11% increase from 2014 to 2015, and a 9% increase in the bus involvement rate in accidents resulting in death during the same period. Slack Davis Sanger brings compassion and experience to its work with bus and van crash victims and their loved ones in seeking fair compensation for their losses.

Other Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Deadly or life-altering crashes can occur when an individual is in an accident with a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) or commercial motor carrier. These types of accidents might involve a large van transporting employees to a job site, a complimentary hotel shuttle, a company vehicle, a delivery truck, or even a tow truck. Although these accidents are widespread, Texas is one of 10 states that, combined, represented more than half of all fatal CMV crashes in the U.S. between 2014 and 2016.

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Commercial vehicles register lots of miles on our roads and highways, putting other drivers at a higher risk of catastrophic injury in the event of an accident. Under significant pressure to meet high quotas and tight deadlines, CMV drivers may fail to comply with company safety regulations, with deadly consequences. Since CMVs are often far larger and heavier than an average passenger car, the resulting injuries for victims in an accident can be truly life-changing.

The attorneys at Slack Davis Sanger are well-versed in the complicated web of federal motor carrier safety regulations and related state statutes that govern these vehicles, including driver qualifications, training, hours of service, drug and alcohol testing, and insurance requirements. With this industry-specific knowledge, we can help you pursue justice in your case.

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