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Many of us get nervous when we sense an 18-wheeler nearby, and for good reason. These hulking behemoths are involved in over 250,000 accidents with passenger cars each year. Almost three-quarters of the fatalities in 2016 in crashes involving large trucks were the occupants of the other vehicles involved. Tragically, over 500 fatal accidents took place in 2016 in Texas—the most in any state. Why are big rigs so often in crashes, many of which end in devastating consequences? These trucks have much bigger blind spots, require a much greater distance and amount of time to stop and need more space to maneuver. The particular issues involved with large truck accidents can be very complicated to settle or litigate, as there are so many elements that factor into determining who is at fault, who deserves compensation, and what type and amount of compensation is merited by the specifics of the case. Clients of Slack Davis Sanger say they are grateful they chose the firm’s 18-wheeler accident attorneys because of the care and dedication our legal team invested in securing the best possible outcome.


A totaled silver carHiring an 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney to Manage Your Case

Whatever name you call these massive vehicles — 18-wheelers, semis, semi-trucks or tractor-trailers — drivers recognize these huge trucks are an essential and even iconic fixture on American roads. Their drivers are responsible for the transportation and delivery of the majority of goods that depend on U.S. roadways to reach their destinations. Unfortunately, accidents involving 18-wheelers are not uncommon. A well-qualified 18-wheeler accident attorney will have deep knowledge and extensive experience in the field of commercial vehicle accidents, including being well-versed in commercial vehicle laws and regulations, as well as 18-wheeler crash statistics and risk factors.

Knowledge and experience with these types of specifics, however, are only part of the big picture you should consider when seeking a competent accident attorney to handle your case. A competent 18-wheeler accident attorney will also treat their clients with sensitivity and compassion as they gather all relevant facts for the case. Along with this, they will guide their clients through the numerous, often complicated steps required in filing an accident lawsuit and seeing it through to a judgment or settlement that is as advantageous as possible for the accident victim and their family.

The 18-wheeler accident attorneys at Slack Davis Sanger possess many years of experience in successfully settling and litigating accident cases involving 18-wheelers. Slack Davis Sanger clients depend on their attorneys’ demonstrated care, compassion and sensitivity in handling their cases from the very first consultation all the way through to a successful conclusion.


An 18-Wheeler Accident Law Firm that Is Used to Getting Results

If you need a reputable 18-wheeler accident law firm to advise you regarding whether you have a case and how to pursue damages, contact Slack Davis Sanger today. Our 18-wheeler accident attorneys are highly qualified to help victims of these crashes and their loved ones pursue the most advantageous possible outcomes for their cases.

There is good reason that our firm is considered by both clients and colleagues to be a leader in personal injury law. Our team of attorneys and other legal professionals possess a highly effective combination of experience, knowledge and attention to detail, along with deep care and sensitivity for our clients. All of these qualities enable us to garner the best possible results and compensation for accident victims and their families.

We understand that the months and even years following a catastrophic accident can be some of the most difficult, trying times of people’s lives. When an accident victim sustains extensive injuries — especially ones that result in long-term disability or the inability to work — or when they experience significant emotional pain and suffering or reduction in quality of life, these factors only compound the difficulties encountered by these victims and their families. The accident attorneys at Slack Davis Sanger are committed to helping our clients navigate the maze of insurance claims and other requirements as we fight for justice on your behalf.

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An turned over semi truck18-Wheeler Crash Statistics Paint a Grim Picture for Accident Victims

According to the most recent data available from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the majority of vehicle accidents involving 18-wheelers occur in rural areas or on the highway— or on a highway outside of an urban center. Most fatal and nonfatal crashes involving 18-wheelers occur during the day on weekdays (Monday through Friday).

These statistics are of concern because crashes on the highway often involve high rates of speed, and because many drivers are under the mistaken impression that it is more dangerous to drive at night, especially on a weekend night, than it is during a weekday. Clearly, daytime weekday driving is even more dangerous than weekend or nighttime driving. When you factor higher speeds along with the size and weight of an 18-wheeler truck into the mix, it’s easy to see why accidents involving 18-wheelers are so often catastrophic.

A vehicle as large as an 18-wheeler requires more time than a smaller vehicle to slow to a stop, and the faster the 18-wheeler is moving, the more time and space the driver will need to get the vehicle under control. Another complicating factor in accidents involving 18-wheelers is the fact that commercial vehicle drivers are under such stress to cover as much mileage as possible in as short a time as they can.

Due to stringent deadlines and quotas on the job, these drivers are often fatigued from long hours spent behind the wheel. They are also often distracted by calls on their cell phones or CB radios as they push toward their destinations. Unfortunately, many commercial vehicle drivers also rely on substances to stay awake and stave off boredom on the road. For all of these reasons, when accidents occur involving these vehicles, insurance agents, as well as accident attorneys, are sure to investigate carefully to determine whether fatigue, distraction, driving under the influence or negligence played a role in the crash.

Slack Davis Sanger Accident Attorneys Hold Negligent Drivers and Carriers Accountable

When a traffic accident results in injuries or even tragic fatalities, insurance companies and accident attorneys must work diligently to determine who is at fault so that the right parties can receive just compensation. Determining fault after an accident involving an 18-wheeler depends on a thorough, careful investigation of all causes and factors that were in play at the time of the crash.

These potential causes and factors may be determined by an investigation to answer the following questions:

  • What were the conditions of the road, the weather, and the time of day or night at the time of the accident? Was the road slick from rain or sleet, was it dark outside, or were there other factors that limited visibility or hindered safe driving conditions?
  • Was the 18-wheeler involved in the accident properly maintained and inspected according to established state and federal laws and regulations?
  • Was either driver impaired, whether by fatigue, distraction or driving under the influence?
  • Was the driver of the 18-wheeler properly trained and licensed?
  • Was either driver speeding or otherwise driving recklessly?

These outline just some of the many possible causes of a roadway accident involving an 18-wheeler. It is up to a skilled and dedicated accident lawyer to determine any and all factors that were involved in a particular crash so that the firm representing the victims can most effectively represent their client’s interests and reach the best possible outcome for their case.

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A man in a wheelchair18-Wheeler Accident Lawyers Committed to Securing the Maximum Compensation You Deserve

Thanks to decades of experience in the successful litigation and settlement of 18-wheeler accident cases, the legal team at Slack Davis Sanger has the legal know-how needed to help secure favorable outcomes on behalf our clients. Our attorneys and other legal professionals work together, pooling knowledge and experience and tapping into every available resource to present the best possible case for their claims.

Slack Davis Sanger works this hard as a team because of the devastating nature of catastrophic 18-wheeler accidents. Crashes involving these large, incredibly heavy vehicles often have far more disastrous effects than accidents involving smaller-sized vehicles like cars and lightweight trucks and vans. When a crash occurs involving an 18-wheeler, the drivers and passengers involved in the crash can suffer injuries that can change the course of their entire lives.

When an 18-wheeler accident causes the death of a driver or passenger, the devastation for the victim’s loved ones is immeasurable. This is why emotional pain and suffering figures into the damages that a competent accident attorney will fight to secure for their clients. While it’s impossible to quantify emotional suffering or loss of companionship, or to attach a dollar amount to the trauma of losing a loved one, these are still deeply important elements of any accident claim involving a victim who lost their life in a crash.

Your Slack Davis Sanger Accident Attorney Will Fight Tirelessly on Your Behalf

The attorneys at Slack Davis Sanger have decades of experience successfully advocating for their clients and working to secure the maximum compensation for their losses after being involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler. If you were in a crash with an 18-wheeler, or your loved one was injured or killed in one, our compassionate and dedicated attorneys can advise you on next steps through a free consultation. We will bring the full force of our knowledge, competence, and experience in fighting tirelessly on your behalf to help you obtain the compensation that you deserve.

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  • "Thank you again for all of your good help. Since losing Nick, the love of my life, it has been an emotional roller coaster, but I am making progress and standing strong as he would want me to do. Aside from all of the other estate things I have had to attend to, through this law case, your efficient and thoughtful communications have been very kind and helpful. You have performed your job perfectly."

    Sandra T.


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