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Construction workers face a range of on-the-job hazards that put them at high risk for a life-altering injury or even, in the most serious cases, death. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that one in five worker fatalities in 2015 across the country — over 21% — were in the construction industry. In 2009, the fatal occupational injury rate for private industry construction workers was nearly three times that of all other workers in the United States. Texas had the highest number of construction site deaths of any state in 2012, with 105 fatalities.

The caring and experienced construction accident attorneys at Slack Davis Sanger have spent the past quarter-century tirelessly pursuing claims on behalf of workers and their families whose lives have been changed forever as a result of a construction site accident or injury.

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From 2002 until 2012, construction workers suffered the highest number of work-related fatalities when compared to other industries. The 2015 National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries found that 937 construction workers died due to injuries or accidents on the job — the highest number since 2008.

Injured workers and their families have enlisted the skilled construction accident lawyers at Slack Davis Sanger to pursue claims related to:


The most common cause of death in construction site injuries is falls. In 2015 alone, 350 workers perished as a result of injuries sustained in a fall, which represented almost 40% of all construction worker fatalities. Over a third of these deaths occurred from a distance of 15 feet or less. Construction workers can suffer life-changing injuries or even death when they fall off a ladder, scaffolding, or leading edge, or through a hole or skylight.

Unfortunately, the number one 2016 health and safety violation cited by OSHA at American workplaces was the lack of fall protection. The knowledgeable team of construction accident attorneys at Slack Davis Sanger work diligently for just compensation on behalf of victims of tragic incidents like these and their families.

Being Struck by an Object

Construction sites are in a state of constant motion. Workers rely on powerful tools and equipment to do their jobs. This line of work involves objects that may be flying, falling, rolling, or swinging through the air, sometimes at high speeds. The impact of an object at the job site coming into contact with a construction worker’s body can result in catastrophic injuries.

In fact, almost 10% of construction worker deaths in 2015 were linked to this type of injury. About three-quarters of these fatalities involved heavy equipment, including trucks and cranes. Texas led the nation in the number of work-related deaths involving cranes in the period from 2003 until 2006, with 42 fatalities.

Employers are responsible for providing a safe working environment for construction workers, outfitting employees with protective gear and equipment, and performing safety checks to guard against injuries. The experienced lawyers at Slack Davis Sanger have a comprehensive understanding of workplace safety regulations, which enables them to handle these types of cases.

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Construction projects often involve working with or near electrical power circuits. Electrical injuries, sometimes severe, can occur when:

  • workers come into contact with power lines, often through the use of tools or equipment;
  • work sites lack appropriate or adequate ground-fault protection;
  • conditions cause the path to the power supply to become broken or missing;
  • equipment powered by electricity is misused; or
  • extension cords are damaged, modified, or the improper type for the job.

Electrical injuries can result in burns, internal damage, and injuries related to involuntary muscle contraction. All of these, in turn, can lead to serious consequences and even, in some cases, death. Along with falls, being struck by an object, and being caught between objects, electrical injuries are part of OSHA’s “Fatal Four” — the top four leading causes of death for construction workers. Electrocution was the cause behind 10% of construction industry fatalities in 2015.

OSHA regulations govern workplace safety along with the lockout and tagging of electrical circuits in the construction industry, as well as the type of equipment and tools that can be used at a construction site. The construction accident lawyers at Slack Davis Sanger apply their thorough knowledge of federal, state, and local laws to determine who is at fault in these unfortunate incidents.

Being Caught Between Objects

Construction workers can also experience life-threatening injuries or even death as a result of being squeezed, crushed, or caught in or between two moving objects while on the job. Trenching and excavation work in particular put construction workers at risk. When compared to general construction, excavation work has a 112% higher fatality rate. These accidents can happen when machinery has moving parts that are not properly locked down during maintenance, when workers get trapped in trenches, when walls collapse while demolition is occurring, or when workers get pinned by or between vehicles, equipment, or structures.

Sadly, in these circumstances, construction workers can experience injuries or death from suffocation, the inhalation of toxic materials, fire, drowning, or being crushed. Employers are required to follow standards related to excavations and conduct regular, thorough inspections to protect construction worker safety. Victims of these types of accidents, as well as their families, rely on the caring, compassionate lawyers at Slack Davis Sanger to tirelessly pursue fair compensation in these cases.

The four most common causes of construction site injuries and deaths described above make up more than half of all workplace-related fatalities. Other construction site injuries include burns, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, cuts, bone injuries, loss of limbs, hearing loss, repetitive stress injuries, heat stroke, and loss of vision.

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