South Dakota Aviation Resources

South Dakota may belong to the Midwest and the Great Plains region, but it has more in common the Western United States, culturally and economically as well as geographically. Despite its large size, South Dakota is not very populous and is one of the least densely populated states in the country. The majority of the population resides in the eastern portion of the state where the soil is most fertile and farms there can sustain a variety of crops..

The western portion of South Dakota is more dependent on ranching, tourism and defense spending. Ellsworth Air Force Base is located near Rapid City, South Dakota and is the second largest single employer in the state. Tourists visit from all over the country to see Mount Rushmore and the varying landscapes that make-up the western part of South Dakota. Perhaps the most well known area is the Black Hills. A sacred space for the state’s original inhabitants, it is also the home to the Wind Cave National Park; comprised of a network of caves and large herd of bison. Near Hot Springs, South Dakota is a working paleontological dig with the largest concentrations of mammoth remains in the world. The dig is privately owned and has contributed to our learning of mammoths.

Outside of tourism, aviation is important to South Dakota residents because it keeps communities connected. Smaller, general aviation airplanes make traveling across the state convenient and much faster than driving. It also fills a vital role of urgent medical transportation. Air ambulances allow persons in need of immediate medical care to receive it quickly, no matter where they are.

Agriculture has always played a large role in South Dakota’s economy. The state is currently one of the top leading ethanol producing states in the country. So it’s understandable that farmers want to keep their corn crops pest free. Aviation helps keep the harvests safe from bugs and allows farmers to have a bountiful harvest.

South Dakota Airports

South Dakota experiences some severe weather throughout the year. In the summer, thunderstorms are common and the state averages about 30 tornadoes a year- the eastern part of the state is considered to be a part of Tornado Alley. During the winter, blizzards and ice storms are common.

Several small communities in South Dakota belong to the Essential Air Service program. This subsidized program guarantees continuous commercial air service, which allows residents access to travel; improving businesses, health and quality of life for residents living across South Dakota.

Sioux Falls Regional Airport and Rapid City Regional Airport are the two largest commercial South Dakota airports, in terms of passenger traffic. Rapid City Regional Airport is very popular with tourists, due to its proximity to Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills.

South Dakota Airplane Crash Lawyers

There are many causes for airplane and helicopter crashes in South Dakota, even when the aircraft is flown by an experienced pilot. Flying during severe and inclement weather, equipment malfunctions or overloading the aircraft are common, and preventable, causes of plane and helicopter crashes.

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