Tennessee Aviation Resources

Located in the Southeastern United States, Tennessee residents depend on general aviation for their hobbies and livelihood. Tourism is one of the state’s major industries and the many public-use and commercial airports make traveling by airplane or helicopter a convenient way to get around Nashville and beyond.

While Nashville is the capital, Memphis is the most populous city. Many visitors come for the food and especially the music. Elvis, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis are just a few of the icons who influenced Tennessee. There is something for everyone in Tennessee – from  Graceland and the Civil Rights Museum to The Great Smokey Mountains National Park; it’s no wonder so many visitors fly into Tennessee airports every day.

Air Cargo Transportation

Tennessee is home to the world’s largest air cargo operation. Its proximity to the east coast and many industrial sites makes it a transfer point for essential air cargo deliveries. Memphis International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the southeast and is the major hub for FedEx Corporation.

Tennessee Flight Schools

Aviation is vital to Tennessee’s economic well-being – residents, tourists, and businesses all depend on airplanes, helicopters and the airports that serve them. Flying and riding in a plane – commercial or private – is a hobby and way of life for many of Tennessee’s residents.

Many of the general airports in major and smaller cities across Tennessee have esteemed flight schools. As pilots themselves, the attorneys of Slack Davis Sanger appreciate the passion for flying.

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