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The attorneys at Slack Davis Sanger understand the value the Common Wealth of Virginia places on aviation, especially when it comes to the economy and research and development. Virginia’s air and space jobs contribute almost 30 billion dollars to the local economy. With 66 public airports, including Washington Dulles International Airport and Reagan Washington National Airport, tourists and residents have plenty of options for air travel.

Virginia Tourism

Virginia is home to the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains and the Chesapeake Bay. Tourists from all over the country come to explore the natural parks, hunt wild game, and experience the immense history of Virginia. The commercial and general aviation airports allow commuters along the east coast access to convenient and efficient travel for business and pleasure.

The state’s proximity to Washington D.C. makes it a popular hub for business travelers and tourists. Reagan Washington National Airport serves both the Washington, D.C. area as well as Northern Virginia. Washington Dulles International Airport also serves the eastern seaboard and is a major connecting city for international flights.

NASA Langley Research Center

NASA’s Langley Research Center is located in Hampton, Virginia, and is associated with Langley Air Force Base. Many high-profile space missions were planned at Langley Research Center, and the Apollo Lunar Module was flight-tested there.

In addition to Langley Research Center, Virginia is home to many top-tier research facilities such as the Aerospace Research Laboratory and the University of Virginia. Communication technology companies and federal agencies such as the Department of Defense and CIA have offices in Virginia.

Virginia Airplane Crashes

With the rise in business commuting and more people flying to their destinations, there is a need for experienced attorneys to navigate complicated aviation laws. Our Virginia aviation accident attorneys are available to offer guidance and legal representation when you are facing injuries or death of a loved one in an airplane or helicopter crash. Contact the Slack Davis Sanger office at 800-455-8686 for knowledgeable and compassionate legal representation.