Wisconsin Aviation Resources

General and commercial aviation is vital to the economic success of Wisconsin, America’s Dairyland, especially as it relates to tourism and farming.

Located in the Midwest and situated alongside two Great Lakes, Wisconsin draws a lot of visitors. Tourism is a major contributor to the state’s economy. Visitors regularly travel to Milwaukee and to the state capital, Madison, for a variety of activities like seaplane tours, hunting and hiking.

Wisconsin also depends on local pilots for much of the agricultural spraying used for crops and farms.

Wisconsin Airports

Dane County Regional Airport, General Mitchell International Airport and Austin Straubel International Airport are just three of Wisconsin’s eight commercial service airports and the only two international airports in the state. In addition, there are 90 general aviation airports around the state and over 400 privately owned airports as well. Per the FAA records, General Mitchell International Airport located in Milwaukee experiences the most travelers by far.

These airports are vital to the state because they allow for emergency medical transportation, business travel and agriculture maintenance. In addition, travel to rural areas is simplified and larger areas of the state are made accessible to all.

General Aviation

It is not only airplanes that are flown by local pilots. Seaplanes and helicopters are widely used by tourists and locals, alike. Privately owned Wisconsin airports and helipads handle all manner of planes and helicopters.

Due to the variety of outdoor recreational activities in Wisconsin, general aviation and private planes are widely used. Activities such as skiing, ice fishing and Whitetail deer hunting require small planes and helicopters to allow enthusiasts to reach more secluded areas.

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Stevie Ray Vaughan

In August 1990 legendary blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan died in a charter helicopter crash. He and four other passengers died after their Bell 206B helicopter flew into a hill in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, following a performance with Eric Clapton in East Troy.

Vaughan was a pioneer musician, singer and songwriter. He paved the way for many blues and rock n’ roll musicians. While only 35 years old at the time of his death, his legacy continues to inspire. Slack Davis Sanger attorneys successfully represented Vaughan’s family in the case.