The Hidden Truth about SUVs and the Cause of Their Accidents

Sport utility vehicles (SUVs) were originally designed to be work vehicles. Most are still built using a truck chassis and have not been redesigned comprehensively to serve safely as passenger vehicles.

In the event of a crash, the typical SUV is prone to roof crush with poor protection for passengers. Vehicle glazing defects in side and rear windows, failures of door latches and/or failures of the seatbelt system could also increase the risk of passenger injury.

The combination of hazards places SUV occupants at high risk of death or paralysis and lowers the vehicle’s overall crashworthiness rating, which measures the ability of a vehicle to prevent injuries to the occupants in the event of a collision. Unfortunately for consumers, manufacturers are often reluctant to adhere to basic crashworthiness principles because it makes the car slightly more expensive to produce.

“A total of 23,437 passenger vehicle occupants died in 2009, 23 percent less than in 1975. However, the distribution of vehicle types among these crashes has changed. Car occupant deaths have declined 45 percent since 1975, while pickup occupant deaths have risen 29 percent and SUV occupant deaths are more than nine times as high.”

– Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

“A total of 8,296 passenger vehicle occupants died in rollover crashes in 2009. Nineteen percent of these did not involve any other impact.” – Insurance Institute for Highway Safety”

– Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

Slack Davis Sanger’ Successes in Handling SUV Accidents

The following is a representative list of cases litigated by Slack Davis Sanger SUV attorneys.

SUV Rollover Causes Injuries to Quadriplegic Driver

  • A quadriplegic was injured in an SUV rollover. This lawsuit was filed against the SUV’s retailer who sold our client the car without the federally required warning label. In addition, our client previously had obtained a recovery from the driver’s insurance carrier and a recovery from the manufacturer sufficient to secure his lifetime needs.

SUV’s Tire Fails, Causing Four-vehicle Collision

  • A soldier stationed at Fort Hood was killed in a four-car accident caused by tire failure. The tread separated from the left front tire of the truck traveling in the lane next to our client. The driver of the truck lost control of his vehicle and came into our client’s lane, knocking him across the center median and into oncoming traffic. Two other cars were involved in the accident.

Seek Help from an SUV Accident Expert

When representing clients in crash cases involving SUV rollovers, lawyers must know and understand all of the elements that may have contributed to the crash and the injuries. At Slack Davis Sanger, our SUV lawyers led by Mike Davis are skilled at analyzing and litigating SUV rollover cases. We bring to each case, specific knowledge about driver and passenger safety as well as technical experts about the components of the vehicle design, including tires and tire failures, roof crush resistance, seat belt design and performance, side air bag curtains, door latches, window glazing and factors specific to SUVs.

If you or a loved one has suffered life-altering injuries, contact us. We can help you through this difficult and challenging time.