Texas Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Texas Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Help when you are injured in a motorcycle accident in Austin, Dallas, and Fort Worth

Texas has some of the most scenic landscapes in the country. The center of the state has breathtaking views of flowers, hills, lakes, and rivers. For many, a motorcycle is an inexpensive form of transportation or a way to experience the outdoors with friends. The joy of motorcycle riding, however, does come with risks. Motorists often fail to respect a motorcyclist’s right to be on the road. When accidents happen, riders often suffer catastrophic injuries. Many motorcycle crashes cause fatalities.

At Slack Davis Sanger, our Texas motorcycle accident lawyers fight for drivers and passengers. We work aggressively to show that careless drivers caused your injuries. Our lawyers are skilled at working with your doctors and our own network of physicians to show what injuries you have, what medical help you need, and every way the injuries are making your life difficult or unbearable. We are respected by insurance adjusters, defense lawyers, and former clients for our impressive record of strong verdicts and settlements in personal injury cases.

“Slack Davis Sanger came highly recommended to me by a colleague. From my first meeting with Mike Davis, I knew my sisters and I had made the right choice. Slack Davis Sanger managed all of the details and people day-to-day…This firm delivered – and more.”- Kyle Smith, Client

How common are Texas motorcycle accidents?

The Texas Department of Transportation states that  in 2020, 519 motorcycle riders were killed and 2,318 were seriously injured. Drivers often think motorcycles, due to their small size, are farther away than they actually are.

Motorcycle riders suffer two impacts when two vehicles are involved in a crash. The first impact is with a car, truck, or another vehicle. The second is with the hard ground or asphalt. Unlike most vehicles, motorcycle riders are not protected by a hood, roof, trunk, or side doors. If a motorcycle rider loses control of his/her motorcycle, the driver and any passengers are likely to require immediate hospitalization and long-term medical care.

What causes motorcycle accidents?

At Slack Davis Sanger, our lawyers work with investigators, the police, eyewitnesses, and you to show how the accident happened. Our Texas motorcycle accident lawyers are skilled at showing drivers were negligent in one or more of the following ways:

  • A driver of a car or truck failed to see the motorcycle or failed to respect the rights of the motorcycle operator.
  • A driver was impaired by alcohol or drugs.
  • A driver was distracted by a smartphone, a GPS system, a sandwich, or for other reasons.
  • Driver fatigue
  • Speeding or violating any Texas motor vehicle laws
  • Driving too fast for weather or traffic conditions
  • Hazardous road conditions
  • The motorcycle operator was inexperienced.

Bad weather is especially difficult for riders. If it rains, is foggy, is too sunny, or snows – the best course for motorcycle operators is to get off the road. Slick roads can be especially treacherous.

Both the motorcycle driver and passenger can file claims against any negligent car or truck drivers. Passengers can also file claims against a motorcycle driver. Additionally, both motorcyclists and passengers can file claims against manufacturers if defective vehicle parts caused the Texas motorcycle accident.

Texas Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

What are the different types of motorcycle accidents?

At Slack Davis Sanger, our Austin, Dallas, and Forth Worth lawyers represent victims and families if the motorcycle accident was:

  • A head-on crash
  • A broadside accident
  • A rear-end accident
  • An intersection accident
  • An accident due to potholes, roadkill, or other dangerous conditions
  • An accident caused by bad weather conditions
  • An accident caused by poor road design

Our Texas motorcycle accident lawyers work with product safety experts if an accident is caused by defective brakes, electrical systems, or other faulty motorcycle parts.

What are common motorcycle accident injuries?

Most motorcycle accident injuries are life-changing or permanent. A rider who is traveling at even 20 mph and falls off his/her motorcycle is likely to break a few bones and suffer injuries that require surgery and long-term medical help. At Slack Davis Sanger, we represent victims who suffer:

  • Road rash, cuts, and bruises
  • Internal bleeding and organ damage
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Leg injuries
  • Scarring and disfigurement


Victims of motorcycle accidents often need long-term treatment from doctors, rehabilitation specialists, and psychologists.

A quick note about road rash

Road rash occurs when the rider falls off the motorcycle and slides along the road. The victim often suffers skin damage, bruises, and lacerations. Left untreated, road rash can become infected. Victims may suffer permanent nerve damage. Many road rash injuries require skin grafts and plastic surgery.

What Texas laws apply to motorcyclists?

Ride Texas discusses the following motorcycle laws that apply to owners and operators in Texas:

  • Helmets must comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard #218 (FMVSS-218).
  • Riders 21 and older are not required to wear a helmet if they can show they’ve completed a Texas DOT approved Motorcycle Operator Training Course, or that they have at least $10,000 in medical insurance.
  • Passengers must be at least five years old. Riders under 21 must wear a helmet.
  • Riders cannot ride two abreast in a lane. They can ride in a staggered formation.
  • Operators must have a state motorcycle license.
  • Operators can be charged with a DUI in the same way as drivers of cars and trucks can be charged.
  • The motorcycle must have specific types of equipment such as one tail lamp, one head lamp, one stop lamp, and one license plate lamp.

Riders must follow other rules, like specific regulations about parking and lane splitting.

Who is liable for a motorcycle accident in Texas?

In most instances, the driver of the car or truck that struck you or killed a loved one is responsible for your damages and losses. The owners of the vehicle that caused the accident may also be liable if the owners and drivers are not the same. Our attorneys may identify other liable parties, depending on how the accident happened.

How long do I have to file my motorcycle accident claim?

Texas has a two-year statute of limitations for personal injury and wrongful death cases.

You should never wait two years. It is best to contact our skilled Texas motorcycle accident lawyers as soon as possible. We need to send investigators to examine the accident, speak with witnesses, and examine the vehicles. Our lawyers will review your medical care. In some cases, we may recommend other physicians than the ones you are seeing. We can also negotiate with your doctors regarding bill payment.

The sooner we meet with you, the sooner we can answer your questions and prepare your case for trial and settlement discussions.

Do you have a motorcycle accident lawyer near me?

Slack Davis Sanger has three Texas offices for your convenience. Our Austin office is located at 6001 Bold Ruler Way, Suite 100. Our Dallas office is located at 3500 Maple Avenue, Suite 1200. Finally, our Fort Worth office is located at 100 Lexington Street, Suite 70.

Knowledgeable Texas motorcycle accident attorneys

At Slack Davis Sanger, we provide honest, caring, and strong representation for victims of motorcycle accidents throughout the state. Our lawyers understand how scared motorcycle accident victims are. We understand how angry the families of any riders who are killed in a Texas accident are. Our dedication to detail, preparation, and advocacy is why we’ve earned respect throughout the state. To schedule a free consultation, please call 800-455-8686 or fill out our contact form. We serve clients from offices in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth.

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