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Serious and catastrophic injuries can forever change the course of our lives. In the aftermath of a tragic accident, the injured or surviving family members seek answers to multiple questions: Why did this accident happen? Whose fault was it? How can I (or my family) recover financially, physically, and emotionally? When an accident was avoidable and has devastating consequences, victims and their families deserve answers and justice.

Clients across Austin, Dallas, and Fort Worth choose Slack Davis Sanger because our attorneys understand how a catastrophic personal injury can alter the course of your life – physically, financially, and emotionally. We have vast experience and deep insight into the complex laws that govern injury claims. Slack Davis Sanger’s personal injury attorneys also work alongside a full-time legal nurse to analyze the medical aspects of a case. Working as a team with our network of resources allows us to be the best advocate for our clients.

“I am still amazed at how Mike Slack and his team consistently maintained a diligent direction to resolve this case in our best interest. We experienced an extraordinary sense of grace and humanity as we struggled through this tragedy. These are truly extraordinary people with extraordinary ability.”- Victor McLerran, Client

What types of injury cases does your firm handle?

After a serious accident, our legal team can help you recover compensation from the at-fault party for your injuries. Whether you were in a car or truck, oil drilling rig, an Uber or an aviation accident, we can assist you while you recover from your injuries. We also take claims stemming from mass casualty events. Our attorneys handle a variety of serious and life-altering injury cases:

Traumatic brain injury, which led to over 60,000 deaths in 2019. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is an injury in which a victim suffers trauma to the head, causing bruising or damage to the brain and surrounding tissues. These injuries can lead to cognitive impairment, memory loss, changes in mood or personality, sensory impairment, physical disability, paralysis and death.

Spinal cord injuries, with about 17,900 new cases per year in the United States. A major injury to the spinal cord can lead to loss of feeling, severe pain, respiratory problems, weakness, and loss of motor function. Cervical, lumbar and thoracic spinal injuries are all forms of severe spinal cord injuries.

Burn injuries, which, according to the American Burn Association affect 486,000 Americans per year. Burn injuries can occur in numerous ways. Home fires, exploding consumer electronics or exposure to hot water from a faulty water heater are just a few examples that can take place in everyday life. Additionally, vehicle collisions can cause an explosion or fire, especially in a rear-end crash.

Loss of limb, or amputation, is another catastrophic injury that affects approximately two million people in the United States. Limb loss is a permanent injury that requires lifelong medical care and can leave lasting physical and psychological scars. Loss of limb is common in high-speed car crashes and industrial accidents.

Wrongful death cases are filed when injuries are so severe that the victim does not survive. The survivors of the deceased file a claim on behalf of the victim for compensation for the losses and damages they endured as a result of their injuries.

Broken bones. Fractured ribs or a fractured sternum can puncture organs and lead to other forms of internal damage. If you have suffered multiple fractures as a result of an accident, Slack Davis Sanger can help.

Is emotional distress a personal injury?

Yes, emotional distress may be considered an injury. Catastrophic injuries can cause severe psychological impact to everyone involved in a serious accident, whether you suffered physical injury or witnessed the incident. The attorneys at Slack Davis Sanger can help prove your mental suffering was a direct result of the accident.

Symptoms of emotional distress can include anxiety, guilt, depression, insomnia, flashbacks, and post-traumatic stress disorder. These conditions are very real and debilitating for many people involved in serious accidents, especially when experiencing severe injuries. We will work with your doctors and mental health professionals to show that you have long-lasting psychological effects from your accident.

Emotional Distress

When is an injury considered catastrophic?

An injury is considered catastrophic when it results in permanent damage to the victim, in which they are not able to make a full recovery. Many of these injuries result in damage to the brain and/or spinal cord which leaves patients facing short and long-term health issues. Catastrophic injuries often lead to permanent disability and require rehabilitative services, which when added up can be costly. Traumatic brain injuries may also lead to permanent loss or damage of cognitive ability.

These types of cases require legal counsel that is well-versed in dealing with complex medical diagnoses and insurance claims, all while demonstrating great empathy and compassion. The attorneys at Slack Davis Sanger offer all this and more.

Due to the severity of catastrophic injuries, the need for more experienced attorneys is imperative. When building a strong catastrophic injury case, attorneys must include expert testimonies, handle settlement negotiations, and consider the economic and non-economic damages to the victim and their families. We understand the repercussions of these accidents and how they can affect and alter the rest of your life.

What is the value of my Texas serious injury claim?

To determine the value of your claim, our legal team takes a variety of factors into consideration. First, we investigate and analyze the circumstances and details of your accident to ensure you secure the proper amount of compensation for your injuries and suffering. We calculate the amount of damages you have incurred, which can include your:

Medical bills and expenses, which includes past, current, and future expenses related to your injuries, which may be extensive. These expenses can include hospital bills, surgeries, medications, physical therapy, and other costs associated with your accident.

Loss of wages, including future earning capacity. This includes the income you have lost while recovering from your injuries, and also takes into consideration the loss of any future work opportunities or ability to earn a living compared to your condition before the accident.

Pain and suffering, which includes the losses the physical and emotional pain from your injuries. We will identify and calculate these damages as part of your claim.

When you or a loved one are seriously injured by someone else’s negligence, our attorneys work to hold them liable and demand compensation on your behalf. It is crucial to contact us as soon as possible after your accident, as the statute of limitations in Texas on injury claims is only two years.

How can I find an injury attorney near me?

The law firm of Slack Davis Sanger serves the Austin, Dallas, and Forth Worth areas, as well as throughout the state. You can find our main offices in Austin, Texas on Bold Ruler Way, right off Capital of Texas Highway/Loop 360 – about two miles south of the 360 bridge.

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