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People are spending more time in cars than ever before, for both work and pleasure. Driving has become more dangerous over time. We have seen an increase in the number of fatal crashes in proportion to miles on the road. Safety advocates link these troubling statistics to a combination of distracted driving, speeding, driver inattention, and drunk driving.

When you or a loved one are injured in an auto accident that was not your fault, it is essential you have experienced legal representation on your side. At Slack Davis Sanger, our attorneys know how to put together a strong case on your behalf. Our track record of success speaks for itself, but we invite you to contact us and let us show you what we can do for you. When another person’s negligence alters the rest of your life, we can help.

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How often do car crashes occur in Texas?

A look at statistics from the Texas Department of Transportation (DOT) shows that taking to our state’s roads and highways is risky. In fact, in 2021 there was a 15% year-over-year increase in fatalities. Vehicle crashes kill one person every hour and 57 minutes. One person suffered injury every two minutes and 12 seconds, and a vehicle wreck happened every fifty-seven seconds.

This equated to 4,489 fatalities and 239,539 injuries. The Texas DOT also noted that, in 2021, there was a roadway-related fatality every single day.

Did you know?

Dallas is named the most dangerous city for driving.

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What are common causes of car accidents?

Although it may seem like car crashes can happen at any time for any reason, driver negligence does play a large part in many motor vehicle wrecks. Examples of negligence or even outright recklessness include:

Distracted driving. Driving while distracted means doing anything that takes the driver’s mind off the task of driving. This can include manual, visual, or cognitive distractions. The most common example of distracted driving is texting, but it can also include activities behind the wheel like eating, grooming, engaging in conversation, or using a cellphone. Rubbernecking at a nearby collision or roadside distractions can also cause a driver to lose attention and cause a crash.

Driving while fatigued. Drowsy driving can be as dangerous as driving drunk. The CDC reports that being awake for 18 hours and getting behind the wheel is similar to having a BAC of 0.05 percent, and drowsiness can increase the effects of alcohol. Commercial truck drivers are at an increased risk of fatigued driving.

Driving under the influence. Impaired driving kills 29 Americans every day. Driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs is both illegal and dangerous, and it causes thousands of accidents and injuries every year. Alcohol and drugs can affect a driver’s coordination, decision-making abilities, and reflexes, greatly increasing their risk of causing a crash.

Speeding and reckless driving. Drivers may exceed the speed limit for a variety of reasons – running late, thrill-seeking, racing, or impairment. No matter what the reason, speeding also increases the chance of a catastrophic collision. Speeding reduces the time a driver has to react or stop in an emergency. High speeds also cause a more severe impact upon collision, which can lead to major physical trauma.
Injuries from car wrecks can range from serious to fatal. The attorneys at Slack Davis Sanger will determine the extent of your injuries and how they may affect you in the future to determine the amount of compensation to which you may be entitled.

What are common injuries from car wrecks?

After an auto accident, it is crucial to get immediate medical attention; not only for your health and safety, but to document your physical injuries. Common serious and life-threatening injuries from car crashes include severe burn injuries, loss of limb, internal injuries and organ damage, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, disfigurement and scarring, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Any of these injuries can cause temporary, long-lasting, or permanent disability. When the victim is a child, the risk of permanent disability may be even greater. The injury attorneys at Slack Davis Sanger investigate every detail of your accident to find out exactly how it happened and who (or what) was responsible. Then, we hold them accountable for your injuries and suffering.

Who is liable for my car accident?

Determining fault is the key to a successful outcome for any car crash injury case. In some cases (for example, drunk driving), the fault may be obvious. In others – such as those involving company vehicles, autonomous vehicles,or vehicles with self-driving features like Tesla’s autopilot – it may be more complicated, which is where a skilled legal team comes in.

Our attorneys work to establish liability and fault. We collect evidence to support your case, which can include things like police records, photographs from the scene of the crash, accident reconstruction expert reports, witness statements, and medical documents.

Autonomous Vehicle Accidents

In the event of an accident with an autonomous vehicle, determining who is liable can become fairly involved. Accidents of this type may find the operator, the manufacturer, or the technology designer at fault depending on the circumstances of the accident. 

Any ride taken in a self-driving car must have an operator. The operator is in the driver's seat and is responsible for correcting any unexpected actions the vehicle makes while driving. If the operator is found to not have properly attempted to correct the trajectory of the vehicle, the operator may be liable for the accident. 

In other cases, if a faulty vehicle or car part leads to a crash, the vehicle manufacturer may be held liable. Lastly, if the software, sensors, or technology responsible for monitoring for hazards fails, the developers and technology designers may be held responsible. 

Rideshare Vehicle Accidents

Determining who is liable in a rideshare accident can be tricky too. Most rideshare companies provide insurance to drivers, but the insurance only covers the driver some of the time.

According to, there are 3 defined periods of activity that dictate different levels of insurance coverage for rideshare drivers. 

Period 1: The Uber app is on but the driver is waiting for a request. 

Period 2:The driver has accepted a ride request and is driving to pick up the passenger. 

Period 3: The passenger is in the vehicle. This period ends as soon as the patron exits the vehicle. 

Uber Accident Coverage

Insurance coverage differences between periods 1 through 3 are as follows:

Liability limits in period 1 are typically low and often only include collision coverage. Insurance coverage during period 2 and 3, include both collision and comprehensive insurance, but there are stipulations and out-of-pocket costs as well for the driver.

Lyft Accident Coverage

Insurance coverage for Lyft drivers differs from Uber in different periods but the coverage amounts and policies are comparable. In period 1, liability limits are very low, and comprehensive and collision insurance isn't offered. In periods 2 and 3, liability limits are increased, however, the Lyft driver must also have their own personal insurance coverage and policy in place.

Other rideshare companies have varying levels of insurance coverage, which is why it is best to contact an attorney when you are involved in an automobile accident involving a rideshare vehicle. Our attorneys work to establish liability and fault. We collect evidence to support your case, including things like police records, photographs from the scene, accident reconstruction expert witness reports, witness statements, and medical documents.

In some cases, there may be multiple liable parties. Depending on the circumstances of your accident, the responsible party could be the owner of the vehicle, the car manufacturer, a rideshare company, or the government entity in charge of maintaining the roadway.

The attorneys at Slack Davis Sanger know how to hold the right people accountable and will seek justice in your accident claim.

What is my Texas car crash injury claim worth?

The exact value of any case hinges on the severity of your injuries, and the facts of your accident. However, when we take your claim, we consider every detail. When determining the value of your injury case, we ask questions like:

  • Have you lost time from work recovering from your injuries?
  • Will you be able to earn income in the future?
  • How much medical debt have you incurred?
  • Will you need future and ongoing medical treatment?
  • Are you likely to fully recover from your injuries?
  • What is the full scope of your pain and suffering?

Our attorneys can also file awrongful death claim on your behalf if your loved one lost their life. This can help assist with compensation for funeral and burial expenses.

Most importantly, our goal is to ensure you secure the fair amount of compensation to which you are entitled. We will take on the insurance company and all necessary parties on your behalf, and we are not afraid to go to trial to get you the justice you deserve.

How can a car wreck attorney help me?

At Slack Davis Sanger, we handle the legal formalities while you recover from your injuries. We work to secure financial compensation for your losses and damages – medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering. We tap into our vast network of resources to obtain the best possible outcome for your case. Our legal team dedicates themselves to your case, including:

We collect evidence of negligence and liability, which can entail launching an independent investigation as well as analyzing existing police reports and other evidence pertaining to your accident.

We show injuries and damages, which we can assess through expert medical testimony and your medical records. We can show both how the accident is currently affecting your health and how it will affect your life in the future.

We negotiate a settlement whether in or out of court. We understand that you need financial compensation as soon as possible, but we will never accept a lowball settlement in the interest of quick resolution. We prepare every case as if it is going to trial to achieve the maximum value for your claim.

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