That’s a Wrap: AAJ Members Gained Valuable Insight from 2017 Winter Convention

Over four days, AAJ members built powerful connections and gained valuable knowledge on the latest developments in trial advocacy to stay ahead of the curve. Members joined in on 10 Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs and left with sharpened skills to better represent clients. But first, the weekend kicked off with an opening reception sponsored and hosted by Slack & Davis at the iconic Moody Theater!

The evening was a hit with incredible live entertainment by the legendary Jimmie Vaughan and delicious eats, filling the evening with the Austin charm that we at Slack & Davis all love so much. We were honored to host the reception and want to thank all the AAJ members who traveled to Austin. Take a look at some pictures from the evening:

Former Slack & Davis Attorney Rusty Allman Passes Away

It is with great sadness that the attorneys of Slack & Davis share that one of our former colleagues, John “Rusty” Chelsea Allman (Commander Ret. USN) passed away on January 16, 2017. Born in Dallas in 1943, Rusty was an accomplished aviation attorney and worked in the firm’s Austin office from 2002 to 2007. He also worked as an attorney to U.S. Airways and Continental Airlines pilots. Prior to entering the legal profession, Rusty—a graduate of the Navy’s prestigious Topgun program—served three tours of duty as a fighter pilot in Vietnam. The State of Texas and the U.S. Senate recognized him for his service to the country and his distinguished career. Rusty will be buried with full honors at Arlington National Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, honorariums may be made to Riverbend Church or the charity of one’s choice.

Eye-Opening Facts About Motor Vehicle Accidents in Texas

As the second most populous state in the country, Texas unfortunately sees its share of fatalities and injuries from motor vehicle accidents. According to data gathered by the Texas Department of Transportation, 3,531 people died from motor vehicle-related accidents in the state in 2015. This number is nearly 10% of the total number of motor vehicle deaths in the country (38,300 people were killed on U.S. roads in 2015).

In fact, there were no deathless days on Texas roadways—at least one person was killed every two hours and 29 minutes. In 2015, the deadliest day was Saturday, September 26, when 22 people were killed. The deadliest month was October, with 356 fatalities. Serious injuries from crashes in Texas numbered 17,011 and overall injuries reached nearly 250,000, with injuries occurring every two minutes and eight seconds.

Below are more eye-opening numbers about motor vehicle accidents in the state:

• 54.2% of fatal crashes occurred in rural areas.
• 35.5% of fatalities involved single-vehicle, run-off-the road accidents.
• 40.3% of people killed were not wearing seatbelts.
• 27% of those who died were in a vehicle where the driver was under the influence.
• 52% of the 459 motorcyclists who died were not wearing helmets.

Distracted driving resulted in 476 fatalities in Texas. Nationwide, 62% of distracted driving fatalities are caused by the driver being “lost in thought”, or generally inattentive, according to data from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System. Cell phone use is second in causing fatalities, at 12%.

Pedestrians and bicyclists are not immune either. Hundreds of pedestrians and bicyclists died in motor vehicle-related accidents in the state in 2015:

• 550 pedestrians were killed, which is a 12.7% increase from 2014.
• 51 bicyclists died, a 2% increase from 2014.

For more facts, visit the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles crash facts:

The attorneys at Slack & Davis have handled many cases involving traffic-related injuries or deaths. If you or a loved one have been involved in a traffic accident and need help, call us for more information.

See Slack & Davis’ infographic below detailing more eye-opening facts.

10 Eye-Opening Facts From Texas Motor Vehicle Reports

Patients Pay a High Price for Air Ambulance Rides

It is estimated that approximately 400,000 people each year are transported by air ambulance. For some people experiencing a medical emergency, being airlifted to a hospital can mean the difference between life and death. However, for many, emergency transport by air is unnecessary, especially when the astronomical price of the often short ride is taken into account. In many instances, a ground ambulance could do the job just as quickly and at a fraction of the cost. Continue reading

Medical Helicopter Crashes Near Oklahoma Hospital

On September 29th, a medical helicopter carrying four people crash-landed on a street near Comanche County Memorial Hospital in Lawton, Oklahoma. The helicopter, which was returning to the hospital at around 6 a.m. after taking a patient to Oklahoma City, reportedly lost power. During the crash landing, one of the helicopter’s rotors hit a car and a brick fence; however, the pilot and three crew members escaped with only minor injuries. There were no patients aboard the helicopter when the crash occurred. Continue reading