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The crash of a commercial airliner is one of the world’s most complex tragedies. Commercial airline crashes result from a wide range of causes, including inadequate pilot training, poorly designed aircraft, defective parts and faulty maintenance. Litigation involving commercial airline accidents will likely focus on a number of possible causes and involve several defendants. Establishing the cause of commercial plane crashes is a time-intensive, technical process that involves the National Transportation Safety Board, independent investigators working on behalf of victims and their families, commercial carriers and aircraft manufacturers. Complex commercial air crash litigation requires a lawyer with strong technical and legal skills due to the many potential theories of liability under state, federal and international law. Slack Davis Sanger attorneys have extensive experience successfully representing passengers in airline crashes. Slack Davis Sanger air crash litigation and aviation attorneys have litigated or handled cases involving U.S. crashes in most of our U.S. states as well as cases involving international crashes that occurred in nations beyond U.S. borders, including Australia, Bahamas, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, France, Guatemala, Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico and many more.



When handling a commercial airline crash involving a crash site outside the U.S. with passengers from multiple countries, our aviation attorneys’ knowledge of the various international laws that govern injuries, wrongful death and survivor actions in aircraft litigation enables Slack Davis Sanger, where appropriate, to file suit in jurisdictions most advantageous to our clients.

What You Should Do When Involved in an Aviation Accident
In 1996, after the TWA crash that killed 230 people off Long Island, Congress passed the Aviation Disaster Family Assistance Act. This law requires that the families of airline accident victims be treated with care and respect.

Here are the key points to be aware of when dealing with a commercial aviation accident:

  • Family members should be given time to notify other relatives before passengers’ names are made public
  • Airlines must offer crisis counseling
  • Airlines must make hotel rooms and food available
  • Airlines must help family members retrieve dental records and X-rays to identify the victims
  • Airlines must provide transportation to and from the crash site
  • Airlines should consult family members about a memorial

When lawsuits are filed against the airline or other major corporations, airline accident lawyers must battle strong and well-funded defense teams. That is when the aviation legal expertise provided by Slack Davis Sanger commercial plane crash attorneys can be a welcome relief to families of those killed in air crashes, as well as passengers lucky enough to survive.

The challenges of proving causation can be complex. Yet, by applying their wealth of expertise, airplane crash lawyers at Slack Davis Sanger have successfully represented clients in a number of challenging cases. Specific results depend on the facts of each case. Contact our airplane crash lawyers to learn more.

Slack Davis Sanger’ Successes in Handling Commercial Aviation Accidents
The following are summaries of recent or current cases litigated by Slack Davis Sanger Commercial Aviation Accident attorneys. Recoveries were made on behalf of:

Crash of American Airlines Flight 331

  • Slack Davis Sanger represented passengers of American Airlines Flight 331, which crashed in December 2009. The airplane, a Boeing 737-823, making an international passage from Miami, Florida, to Kingston, Jamaica, overran the runway while landing at the Norman Manley International Airport. Passengers sustained numerous injuries. This commercial airliner crash involved a crash site outside the U.S. and passengers from multiple countries. Our attorneys’ excellent knowledge of various international laws that govern injuries, wrongful death and survivor actions in aircraft litigation enables Slack Davis Sanger to file suit in jurisdictions most advantageous to our clients.

Crash of American Airlines Flight 587

  • American Airlines Flight 587 crashed on November 12, 2001, near Belle Harbor, NY, shortly after the Airbus 300-600 suffered an in-flight structural separation of the vertical stabilizer and rudder. The scheduled flight carrying 251 passengers and nine crew members had taken off a few minutes before the crash from New York’s John F. Kennedy (JFK) airport with a planned destination of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. All 260 people on board were killed in the crash as well as five persons on the ground. Slack Davis Sanger represented the families of 24 passengers.

Crash of American Airlines Flight 1420

  • On the night of June 1, 1999, American Airlines Flight 1420 crashed at the Little Rock National Airport in Little Rock, Arkansas, as a line of intense thunderstorms moved across the area. The pilots lost control after the aircraft’s spoilers were not deployed during an attempted landing. The aircraft ran off the end of the runway and collided with metal structures. The flight had originated at the Dallas-Ft. Worth International (DFW) airport. Of the 139 passengers and six crew members on board, ten passengers were killed in the crash and many more sustained serious injuries. Slack Davis Sanger attorneys represented 25 surviving passengers and the family of two deceased passengers.

ValuJet Flight 592

  • Slack Davis Sanger represented the families of several deceased passengers aboard ValuJet Flight 592, which crashed in the Florida Everglades in May 1996. All 110 persons on board, including 105 passengers and 5 crew members, were killed. There were no ground casualties. The aircraft was totally destroyed on impact and few fragments of the aircraft were recovered by National Transportation Safety Board investigators.

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Slack Davis Sanger – Experienced Trial Lawyers and Licensed Pilots

Slack Davis Sanger attorneys are experienced trial lawyers with a record of outstanding verdicts, who also have substantial experience and credentials within the aviation industry as pilots and engineers. There is never any bundling or settling of cases en masse. We prepare our clients’ individual cases for trial even though the vast majority of our clients’ airline cases settle before trial. Our goal with each passenger or family we represent is to obtain the optimum recovery in the shortest time possible. We also strive to eliminate safety deficits and force changes within the airline industry through our work on the case.

For two decades, airplane accident attorneys of Slack Davis Sanger, led by Michael L. Slack, have fought and won legal battles on behalf of the victims of airplane and helicopter crashes. If you or a loved one has suffered life-altering injuries or even death as a result of an airplane crash, we can help you through this difficult and challenging time. Nothing is more important to us than getting you the help you need. We bring knowledge and understanding of an aircraft’s history and components to every case. Slack Davis Sanger attorneys are aviation professionals with experience as aerospace engineers, pilots and flight instructors. We have successfully litigated claims against industry giants such as commercial airlines and helicopter manufacturers as well as in cases involving charter planes and private plane crashes.