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Burn injuries can occur in numerous ways. Home fires, exploding consumer electronics or exposure to hot water from a faulty water heater are just a few examples that can take place in everyday life. Additionally, vehicle collisions can cause an explosion or fire, especially in a rear-end crash. The risk of fire or explosion always increases if either vehicle’s gas tank is damaged in a crash. Trucks hauling dangerous chemicals or explosives can cause devastating burn injuries when they collide with another vehicle.

The injury attorneys at Slack Davis Sanger understand the serious impact of burn injuries, from emergency treatment to physical therapy to scar revision surgery to psychological counseling. If you or a family member suffered a severe burn injury due to the negligence of another, our attorneys can help you pursue the justice to which you’re entitled. A successful burn injury case can provide compensation for medical bills, lost income, ongoing care, pain, suffering, and a number of other costs. Let us help.

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What are the degrees of burn injuries?

Burns are classified from first- to fourth-degree, with first-degree being the least severe type of injury.

First-degree burns affect only the outer layer of skin, called the epidermis. The burned area will look red and feel painful, but will not be blistered or suffer long-term damage. One example of a first-degree burn is mild sunburn.

Second-degree burns affect the epidermis and the dermis, which is the lower layer of skin. The burn area may be red, swollen, blistered, and painful.

Third-degree burns damage the epidermis, dermis, and can affect the subcutaneous skin tissue. These are extremely serious burns, and the affected area may appear white or blackened.

Fourth-degree burns destroy the skin, muscles and tissue, and possibly the bone. Nerve endings are destroyed and patients typically have no feeling in the affected areas. These types of burns are often fatal, and survivors face a lengthy recovery and complications.

The more severe the burn, the more expensive and longer it will take to heal. Some patients will experience multiple skin graft surgeries and other medical treatments, and others may experience lifelong disability. Our attorneys will work to determine the current and future extent of your injuries.

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What are the different types of burn injuries?

Burns typically occur from excessive heat, but they can happen for other reasons as well, like chemicals or other kinds of exposure. People can suffer the following kinds of burn injuries:

Thermal burns, which are from external heat sources like fire, scalding liquids, hot metal, or steam. When any of these come into contact with the skin, they cause damage to the tissues.

Chemical burns, caused by agents like chemical solvents, acids, and alkalis splashing into or contacting the skin, nose, or eye tissues.

Electrical burns, which can occur from exposure to an electrical current and live electricity. Electrical burns are especially dangerous, as they can cause internal injuries.

Radiation burns, caused by UV-rays, X-rays, or radiation therapy. A sunburn is an example of a radiation burn.

Friction burns, occurring from direct contact with skin to a hard surface. Motorcyclists who experience “road rash” after an accident suffer from friction burns, as does anyone who is dragged on a surface like concrete or asphalt.

When we take your case, the burn injury attorneys at Slack Davis Sanger work to determine the cause of your accident while you take the time you need to heal from your injuries.

How many people are affected by burn injuries?

The American Burn Association (ABA) estimates over 450,000 people a year suffer burn injuries in the United States, and approximately 4,500 of these people die. The ABA also reports that burn injury treatment totals over one billion dollars per year, with another additional five billion in lost income. They also note that “the vast majority of these injuries were preventable.”

The ABA stated that the main reasons for burn hospitalizations were for contact burns resulting from incidents including hot objects, powered machinery, hot stoves, hot engines and tools, hot fluids and water, hot food, and hot fats and cooking oils.

What burn injury centers are located in Texas?

Texas is home to a variety of well-known burn injury units and centers:

Blocker Burn Unit
University of Texas Medical Branch
301 University Blvd
Rte 284
Galveston, Texas 77555-5302

John S. Dunn Burn Center
Memorial Hermann
6411 Fannin
Jones Pavilion 8th floor
Houston, Texas 77030

Parkland Health & Hospital System
5201 Harry Hines Blvd
Dallas, Texas 75235-7708

Shriners Burn Center - Galveston
815 Market St
Galveston, Texas 77550-2725

Timothy J. Harnar Burn Center
602 Indiana Ave.
Lubbock, Texas 79415

USAISR Burn Center
3698 Chambers Pass
JBSA Fort Sam Houston
San Antonio, Texas 78234-7767

What are the long-term complications of burn injuries?

After a serious burn, patients can experience complications that can last long after the initial injury. First- and second-degree burns hold a risk of infection and scarring. Third- and fourth-degree burns, however, can be catastrophic injuries with potential life-threatening complications.

Complications from burn injuries can include dehydration, hypothermia, arrhythmia, organ failure, scarring, infection or sepsis, edema, keloids (overgrown scar tissue), and tightening of the skin and muscles (contractures). The attorneys at Slack Davis Sanger take all of this into account when determining the value of your injury claim.

What is the value of my Texas burn injury claim?

When you work with our legal team, we seek all eligible damages from all negligent parties on your behalf. We understand that burn injuries are disabling and painful, and we use all resources at our disposal to prove the true value of your losses. These can include:

Economic damages, like your medical bills and lost wages. This includes your past medical bills and expected medical costs in the future, like surgeries, medications, and physical therapy. Time lost from work and loss of ability to do your job due to your injuries are also eligible for compensation. Economic damages include any expenses related to your accident and injuries.

Non-economic damages, which includes pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of companionship, and loss of ability to enjoy life as you did before the accident.

In cases of extreme or intentional negligence,  a court may also award punitive damages. Our attorneys can explain these types of damages in more detail. It’s crucial to contact experienced counsel as soon as possible after an accident, as the statute of limitations in Texas on injury claims is generally two years.

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If you or a loved one were injured as a result of another’s negligence, it’s worth taking the time to discuss your situation with an experienced attorney. The burn injury attorneys at Slack Davis Sanger can investigate the causes of your injury to determine who is at fault and help you recover damages. To schedule a free consultation at one of our offices in Austin, Dallas, or Fort Worth, please call 800-455-8686 or fill out our contact form.